Sunday, June 21, 2009

So, I ask you ...

Family, Fine China & Foot Rubs

Does life get any better??

Monday, June 15, 2009


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Yukon Wildlife!!

Pacific Coast Wildlife

Vancouver Island Wildlife

Exploring Old Growth Forest Wlidlife
Rattle Pup Wildlife!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're BACK!

We've had a long break from our
usually up to date blogging...
but NOT with out a good excuse...
First we were on a family holiday :)
(TONS of photos to share with you on THAT topic :)
Then Mummy had to go back to work full time :(
(it feels like we barely see her any more!)
& then the silly computer stopped working !
(now THAT was truly harsh...)
SOOOOO is starting to settle down.
We are back in our Northern mansion,
Mummy seems to be getting a handle on her schedule,
and the computer guy came to visit today & fixed all of our woes!!
In the mean time I've been busy collecting rocks for Mummy!
She saves every single one!
She just LOVES the spruce cones too :):):)
My sister Sarah is a great rock picker upper too!
Heck between the two of us,
Mummy will never have to look for her own rocks again! Oh won't Daddy be happy that HE won't have to
pick up the big ones for her any more...
We can do ALL of the rock collecting from now on
while Daddy just sits back & relaxes ;)
On the rarest of breaks from rock picking...
I've been visiting with
our new puppies...
They aren't exactly OURS but they live with us
& we just LOVE them to bits!

Sarah & William Cat are great buddies...
After a long day of hunting bugs & rocks,
they often take a nap together...
I join them too,
but only when Mummy & Daddy
make me!!

As you can see we've been busy playing
outside this summer!
& now that Mummy can get back onto the computer...
you'll get to read all about our adventures!
Just remember to be easy on her when
there is a bit of a gap in the updates...
This full time working thing
seems to have her more tuckered out
than my sister & I have ever seen her before!
that's it for now!
Stay tuned :)