Friday, November 4, 2011

The colours of a Northern Autumn are not only found on the hiking trails or in the benches of the magnificent mountains,

they are also found in the black of night...

As Adelaide says, "the Northern Lights are dancing and holding hands!"

God love the words of a child!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We have a bug tent that is...

great in the summer time for hanging out in while sipping coffee or painting on the art easel. When the mosquitoes have been relentless, this space has been something of a safe haven from those pesky Yukon Critters!!

This Fall, the girls decided that they wanted to go "camping" in the Bug Tent so, camping we went!! While looking back over the photos of out first camp-out under the stars, I couldn't pick only a few favourite smiles or I posted TONS of them ;) By the way, it hit -4'C that night & the Northern Lights came out, as Adelaide describes it, to "dance & hold hands." They both loved it so much that they begged many a night since to go out again! I think they got 3 or 4 nights in the bug tent before the snow finally came & forced us to take it down for another season...With the dark of winter closing in & the temperatures dripping, a new camping season feels so far away...but we all know that time flys & that it will be here before we know it :)

So, on that note, here are my multitude of favourites...

Early morning giggles

Huggs to keep Mummy warm!

Warmer still...

A proud Daddy with a happy early rises!

Rosie nose & cheeks :)

Not quite awake yet ;)

Oh...someone is stirring...

Mummy's yummy hot chocolate to warm cold hands

Leaving the warmth of the sleeping bags to draw on the easel

By morning there was no more need to convience a little camper that hats are our friends!!

Back to the sleeping bag where it's warm!

Bed head ;)

More bed head...

Contemplating using the potty at -4'C!!

Best friends, NewOne & Sarah

Nothng like snuggling Daddy to keep warm!

But then again...Mummy is pretty good at the snuggle thing too!

& there we have it...a cold crisp September morning and nothing but smiles & snuggles going around...How could I possible pick only a few photos to share with you?

Turning 46 with my family was wonderful...

the girls made a big deal out of decorating the cabin with special treasures, like cookie cutters hanging from the ceiling and baking utencils hanging from hangers ;)

Adelaide & Sarah were very proud of thier ability to surprise me with a special dinner and a beautifully set table !!

And I was very proud of them for simply being their typically beautiful and thoughtful selves...

I wonder what my girls were wishing for as they helped me blow out the candles on my birthday cake?? What ever the wishes were, I hope they come true!!

After all was said & done...No birthday trinket in the world could out shine or be more precious than my girls and the hugs they gave me that night were sweeter than any cake ever made...

For these reasons alone, turning 46 was a might special day in my books!!