Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, you find they have climbed onto the furniture...

go ahead,
just TRY to be serious at a moment like THIS...

I couldn't scold them either.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


yahoo I love my new computer!!
could this be that I can blog again???
A quick review of the missing months...

The Girls grew up!
No more crib for these beauties!
But in a tinny space, there is only room for one bed so Sarah
sleeps at the head & Adelaide sleeps at the foot...
Hay what ever works right?
The point is...we are in a BED...Frame & all!!
Joanne came to visit!
Thank Goodness for best Friends!
If only I could kidnap her for keeps :)
And then there is family...
When Sean when hunting,
Aunt 'Reen came to feed dogs, spoil the girls & celebrate my Birthday
Adelaide & Sarah managed to party all evening
until they were completely tuckered out!
Thanksgiving rolled around & it brought
awesome surprises!
Grandee & Grandad & Mrs D arrived...
Nothing like story time with Grandad!

Then the work began!
Winter is not a cozy thought in the Yukon
if the wood pile is sparse!

So we had our work cut out for us (pardon the pun)
Hard work it is, but rewarding nonetheless!
Thankfully the splitting & staking was done before the snows arrived!
Hummm...come to think of it
this is the FIRST year the wood has been STACKED!!
What a pretty pile :)

& then the snow came & buried everything ...
even the bug-tent!

While inside the warmth of our cozy cabin...
my little helpers worked away on
Granddad's quilt with me!
I'm sure I couldn't have finished it in time
with out their help!!!

It hasn't been all work around here though...
Adelaide was able to find some quiet time
with a good novel!
Then who could forget that Santa was
on his way?
Nothing like a few reliable
elves to give him a hand!!!

and over the holidays,
new friendships were forged...
with Hollywood Stars no doubt!
I do believe the pink-knit dress
was a perfect compliment to
Morag's (the famous actress') accessories (ie: collar & leash...)

Aside from our holiday star, there was happy time
spent with awesome family & friends!
If only they weren't sooooo far away :(
So back in the Yukon we are spending most of our days
inside the warmth of our cabin
(watching that impressive wood pile dwindle away)
BUT on this past weekend,
things warmed up enough to go out & PLAY in the snow
with toboggans & dogs!!!!!
nothing like a bit of fresh air to chase the cabin-fever away

A bit of fresh air & time with my best friends that is
There is tons more to report but for now
I'd say that is a pretty good chunk of
what has been
happening in my neck of the woods :)