Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December started off with a Flurry of furry!!

I invited Leonbergers from the Territory to our first ever Yukon Leonberger Gathering ! And what a fine success it was!!

Nine out of ten were able to attend!! It amazed me how these massive dogs, mostly all strangers to one another, could get along so brilliantly!! So often when we are out and about we get stopped by passers by, "Wow, what kind of dog is that?" Followed with, "a WHAT?" It was so awesome to see the different dogs at our gathering and also to meet their families, who know all about this magnificent breed :) Each of these dogs are equally stunning examples of what make Leos so outstanding!!!

It was also wonderful to see how consistent their dispositions are!! They really are gentle giants! It was also interesting to see how small Winnie (second from left) was beside the older dogs!!

To my good fortune, Kelly came along with her big boy Bruce (the largest of the group that day at 136 lbs) She spent the entire time hanging out with the girls, leaving me available to get my full Leo-Fix!! The fact that Kelly is also a ballerina had Sarah over the moon from the first day they met :) and Adelaide was rather excited to have Kelly there too...even if she isn't into mighty machines ;)

This is my Winnie getting a typical drink of water...

and in fine Leo style, she promised it share it with EVERYONE...over and over again!!

That day, she played her heart out keeping up with the big dogs!! In fact, she was determined to become best friends with all who attended!! This pup could have cared less if you were dog or human...in her books everyone was a potential playmate!!

While others were getting their photos taken, dear little Winnie found the water again!

She was SO happy to sit in her puddle & cool off! Needless to say, all that observed Winnie's antics were completely amused :)

At this moment I was grateful that I'd thought to bring a few towels because this girl was on deck for her photo op and she was soaked to the skin!! I'd wager she held half of the contents of the bucket in the fur on her snout & ears!! What a turkey!! Before we called it a day, we towelled down my girl before Sheila (owner of the Neighbourhood Pup where the party was held) & Val (Loyal Mummy to three Leos) showed me how to "stack" Winnie for conformation shots & the show ring! All she wanted to do was go back to the play-room (and her bucket, no doubt!)...she was worried that she might miss something...
Sortly after our photo shoot, we made our good-byes & promises to do it all over again sooner than later! Then it was off to truck. From that point Winnie slept the entire 4 hours it took us to run a few errands & drive home! Even when she made her way into the cabin, my puppy basically headed straight for her kenel & crashed all over again!

Hummm....note to self: Too tired to chew!!!!!

Yes, we MUST do this again soon!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

November brought lots of wonderful moments to photograph!!

While Winnie continued to prove herself to be an awesome buddy & playmate for the girls, it has been Adelaide who gravitates to her the most! This child is so proud of her dog and possess a confidence that is astounding...this massive puppy actually LISTENS to her tiny friend!!! A rather amusing scene to witness...

She even continued to make room for the girls in her bed...even though she had managed to outgrow it herself! Sarah Grace grew to be even more stunning...not sure how THAT could be possible but, every time she'd wink at me, I'd simply melt!

At some point I suddenly noticed just how low the sun was in the sky! while I miss the bright rays of summer, I DO love the look of the sun peeking through the snowy forest...
And weekends took us to Whitehorse for Dance classes :) Every time I look at the girls dressed in their ballet suits, I pause and wonder when exactly they grew up...and the moon seemed to keep dazzling us in all it's phases...

while Winnie kept dazzling us with her ability to behead her stuffies!!!

Hummmmm....I can't seem to get enough photos of these three :)

This photo is not unique to November...Adelaide & Sarah have been best friends from the beginning and both Sean & I are grateful for that :) While I can well remember life before kids (and it DID have its merits), these two girls have made it so much more interesting! I'd not wish away a single day with my girls :)

With winter well entrenched, November did end on a rather beautiful note this year! And while the mountains created their own magic, like they always do, the Ravens put that magic over the top, Like THEY always do :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adelaide & Sarah had their birthday on November 10th. Turning 4 years old is a VERY big deal, such a big deal that Aunt Maureen flew North to help celebrate!

AND such a big deal that one of the birthday presents was delivered in a FIVE TON TRUCK! Aunt Maureen & Uncle Ian had 3 1/2 bush cords of fire wood dumped in the front yard! Not only will this incredible load keep the girls warm this winter BUT it will also provide the girls with more Daddy time!! This amount of fire wood would take Sean at least three full days to harvest & bring home!! AND needless to say he'd be rather tuckered out & sore after that!! & not only did the girls get winter warmth & Daddy time out of this deal...they also got a ride in a VERY cool mighty machine! Now THAT is a might cool gift :)

The three gals had fun together, hiking on the magic trail too! The Birthday Bunny (a close relative of the Chocolate Smartie Goblin) was pooping on the trail...and WHO was first to find his scat? The FitzGerald girls! In fact, it was chocolate money they found...the only thing better than real money is the chocolate kind ;) I sure hope one of these creatures make use of our trails again soon!!
While in Spain, Uncle Ian found this gem...a beautiful hot pink Flamenco dress! Sarah was SO thrilled :) She has even worn it to her ballet class now so that her instructors and classmates could see it! She looks so gorgeous AND grown up...

When you turn 4, there has to be a fancy cake involved so in Dodds style I baked Grandee's carrot cake & smothered it in cream cheese icing (Must say...I killed the icing this year LOL) but it looked fun no matter with a princess doll & a back hoe on top!! In this photo the girls are covering their eyes so that the cake is a surprise although I am sure they saw it a FEW times before it make it to the table! It's pretty hard to pull of a surprise in a small cabin ;)

The next day we had friends at Kathleen Lake to continue the celebrations :) This is both Adelaide's and Sarah's favourite place! We decorated cupcakes & soccer. Everyone seemed to have a great time and the weather cooperated! It was relatively warm out & not a breath of wind was to be had so, by the time we left at the end of the afternoon, the grounds were covered with the best snow angels ever:)

Isaac, a dear friend was one of the party goers...the only boy & a VERY good sport! Being a rather grown up six year old, he was patient with the younger crowd and a real charmer to boot! Adelaide worships Isaac and the sparkle in her eyes here tells the tale ;) She'd follow him to the ends of the earth...good thing he is a fine boy ;)

It was a busy birthday weekend and at the end of it, I treated us out to our new favourite restaurant. It is a cozy little place in the heart of town with a perfect view of the mountains! Not only are the owners as wonderful as can be and the view worth a million bucks, the food is superb! It was a nice treat to be there...
This little munchkin was exhausted & yet bouncing with glee over yet another parcel! Apparently the novelty of receiving gifts had not work off yet!

And the novelty of having Aunt 'Reen with us could NEVER wear off! They LOVE this woman & as you can see, the feelings are mutual :) She lights up as much as they do when together :)

Before dinner came to an end, Adelaide was falling asleep on the table & Sarah's head was on my lap! It was no wonder...we'd had a very full weekend of parcels and cake, family time and party time...

and they were little troopers ... my little troopers ;) Where DID the last 4 years go? You know, four really is my new favourite number ;)

Friday, December 9, 2011

October was here & gone in a flash!

From over the moon giggles coming from the swing sets...

To Cheerful vendors selling ice cream cones made from sand...

And running with the Wind, with Seelowen's Laughing North Wind, to be exact!

Our Beautiful Winnie Grew & played her self out on occasion

and took part in family trips to town, or where ever else we went...

October brought interesting things to gaze at up in the sky...perhaps a moon :)

And October found time for friendship...

For the very best kind of friendship!

Then the witches & puppy dogs and fairy princesses came out!!

All three having the most enchanted fun :)

And great pride was taken in the craving of our very first jock-o-lanterns!!

(It is December and they are STILL in our garden!)

Snow was eaten...

and beauty explored!

Snow angels took on a whole new look...

and the twinkle in her eyes shown bright!

and we took in the wonder of Winter

While Winnie saw her first snow...

and Daddy found cool things for Mummy to photograph!

And we walked ...

And made MORE snow angels :)

Even Wellington gotoutand romped in the snow:) We all did what you do in the Yukon in October...Greet a new season with a smile as you say good bye to the old one.