Sunday, October 31, 2010

With all of the work going on around here,
the girls were getting tired of the lack of play time...
so was I...
Gotta say, there is nothing like a
good old fashion campfire
with hot dogs & smores
especially when you are only 2 & 3/4 years old!

Even New One (aka: Rattle Puppy)
joined in the fun, just like he always does!
Daddy got the fire started
while Aunt 'Reen organized the grub
and I found the roasting sticks!!

Mum managed to make us a yummy cup of hot chocolate too!!

Adelaide seem to get the hang of the marshmallow thing rather quickly!

and she kept going back for more!

The look of shear delight was smeared all over her face :)

Second course was to be hot dogs!

Octopus Hot Dogs to be more specific!

Now how cool are THESE!
Aunt 'Reen really knows a thing or two about camping!!
I can't wait for our next campfire!!
That Sarah Grace of mine...
what a cutie-pie!
Like her sister, she had such a great time...

And after was all said & done,
my two little marshmallow faced angels
note: the best way to roast a marshmallow
is to first stuff it with 3 smarties!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adelaide Reporting!!

All work & no play??
Well THAT isn't likely to be an issue
around here ;)

Nothing like starting the day with
a wake up call to Aunt 'Reen !!
And once the grown-ups consumed their
tea & coffee & the we (the little ones) had eaten our
yogart, cerial & blueberries...
the digging began!!
There isn't much in this life that is more fun
than digging in the dirt!
And there isn't much in this life that is more yummy
than the fruits of our labour!
All the while, Mummy was having fun with her burn pile!
She plugged away dragging the deadfall from
around the front of our property in an attempt to
pretty things up ...
Aunt 'Reen joined her in her efforts & before we knew it
we could see the forest through the trees!!
Aunt 'Reen is SUPER Woman!
not only did she dig up the potatoes with us and
help Mum with her brush clean-up,
She was Daddy's side-kick in the digging and pouring
of our new foundation!
There is NOTHING that my Aunt'Reen can't do!
She sure did earn THIS glass of apple juice!!
Notice anything different ?
Out of the blue we got tons of snow!
It started on Mum's birthday & dusted the ground.
The next day it just wouldn't stop falling!!
We were SO excited!!
Nothing like an early snow to
get those adults into play mode!!
Apparently the snow was too much excitement for my sister!
She fell sound asleep before we even got out the door
for our snow date with Aunt 'Reen
I wouldn't miss this for anything!!
You're the best Aunt 'Reen!!
Mum kept saying,
"Thank goodness Daddy got the concrete poured
before the snow came!"

September flew by
With visits from Aunt 'Reen, Helen
and then Uncle Ian!!
I took Helen, Aunt 'Reen & the girls north up the highway
We visited the Kluane area,
Soldier Summit
and Sheep Mountain

and we visited Alexander Fisher's Cabin
dating back to 1906
This came after the girls returned from
their trip to Haines AK
Where they enjoyed
their first time away from Mum & Dad!
The girls threw rock into the Pacific Ocean

and took a ferry over to Skagway!!!
(I haven't even done that yet!!)

and they enjoyed awesome weather
and a cool playground...
Both had a great time exploring life away from home
and away from Mum & Dad!! :)
Mum was having a not so great time
adjusting to empty arms...
then, just as I was adjusting to their absence...
they were back home
Next time we are separated,
I vow to make better use of my opportunities ;)