Thursday, February 25, 2010

Too bad Daddy has to work on sunny days...
He'd have WAY more fun kick-sledding with us
This is the first time Sarah & Adelaide
stand on the runners

Adelaide hits the slopes!
Notice she can't even reach the driving bow?
She is holding the brace 1/2 way down the back of the sled
...too funny :)

But WOW!
Does she hold on!!

Now THIS is winter fun!

Mummy helps the girls
set up for another run

While Adelaide holds the brace,
Sarah holds onto Adelaide!
What a team!!

And AWAY they go!!!!!
Even Wellington gets into the fun!

There they are
Adelaide Anne & Sarah Grace
Professional mushers at
27 months of age
Daddy you really should consider taking off
sunny days


Daddy's little helper, Sarah Grace...

Here we go...
into the dog yard!
Boxer is loose & I know just how to help
It's all about the tools
I get to help Daddy find his wrench!
Boxer & I supervise the job
while Daddy shows Angie a few "fix-it" tricks!!

I'm the technical support

Another job well done....
thanks to team work!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing in the snow... plus temperatures in a Yukon February, playing in the snow is the perfect thing to do!!

Sarah takes Rattle-Pup for a sled ride

and as you can see...
he is soaking in the rays
; )

Adelaide fearlessly bombs down the hill in total control

then gets silly with Mummy
and Wellington...
If only you could have heard her giggles!

Two buddies enjoy the warm sun
on our new trail

taking a power break...

Wellington took time out of his carefree play to
do some trail grooming
for the betterment of
the girls

Adelaide's FIRST Snowman!!
(with a bit of help from Brenda)

Adelaide was SOOO proud of her snowman that
she refused to come inside untill
I let her hug him & get her
photo holding the frozen little guy!


Note to self:
It's amazing how much they sleep
after a few hours in the fresh air

(more pics of Sarah soon!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy days!

Happy days!
The sun is returning
the days are warming &
the Elk are in view again

Yukon wildlife really is spectacular

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Soccer Star in the making

A friend & I decided that hitting the school gym every Friday
with the munchkins would be a great idea!
Not only would the little people have a blast socializing,
we parents would successfully wear out our energetic
kiddlets & therefore reap peaceful benefits...
Sounds like a "win win" to me!!

Go Adelaide Go...

... Just TRY to stop that goal!!!

The Floor!!!

So Here it is....
The Floor
The Prep work begins...
the hardwood awaits...
the Furniture is moved & the
girls world shrinks for the weekend!!
The skim of plywood is measured
and it covers the holes I've lived with
for almost 5 years!

Daddy's little helpers join in

Loic is busy
screwing the floor

The fun begins...
The biggest colouring page ever
is under our feet!

The Building Inspector is on hand
for quality inspection

It would appear that he approves
of the work so far!
In fact, Inspector Wellington is fully engrossed
in the project

Down to the more serious side of the job

and packing!!!

A well earned break

and the floor starts to appear...

What a yummy

Extra hands are always
a good thing for the
crew boss!

With hardwood THIS shinny,
the sweeping will never end!

No time like the present for
a major snuggle session

Ear's need protecting
on the job site

A tight knit crew
to see the job through

The crew boss is tired after a long weekend
and my job is far from over...
just LOOK at this mess!
but it is AL worth it!
Just look at the sheen
the floor actually matches my
Does it GET any better?