Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Adelaide & Sarah ,

A night on our own is over rated! My heart is lonesome without you & the house is too quiet with you gone...DON'T get and ideas about my "quiet" comment though ;) Was it ever strange hearing your excited little voices on the phone today...I couldn't tell who I was talking to! Daddy talks to you every day on the phone, from work, so he could tell you apart but... I'm the one always home with you both so, I'm not use to hearing your voices over a telephone! No matter, you BOTH sounded extremely happy and that went a long way to making me feel better!

Sounded like you were rather thrilled with your hamburgers & fries from last night's dinner and the ICE CREAM was a definite success given your resounding cheers over the telephone receiver ;) !! And when you said that you were enjoying the pretty Dandy flowers, only your Dad & I could possibly know that you were referring to the Dandelions, I could imagine your shining faces as you picked them, making a bright yellow bouquet. I wish I could have seen, first hand, your big eyes when you entered the hotel to see all of the beautiful old things, and again, when you saw the big ship in the harbour! I wonder, as you grown older, will you remember this trip?

Have a wonderful time, absorb all that you can & remember ...Mummy & Daddy will be waiting, with hugs & kisses, when you return home!!

Love you bunches...Bisous Bisous

Mummy XO XO

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And they're off...
This is Sean & me saying good-bye to our girls!
I think they were laughing
at their silly parents...
Here they are for that one last pose
before buckling into their car seats...
As you can see...both were more interested
in getting on the road with
their travel companions,
then getting another picture taken by Mum!
Dear Aunt 'Reen & Helen for taking these two on...
I wonder if they will remember to
say their "Pleases" & "Thank-yous"
or the all important
"May I please be excused from the table?"!!
I wonder if they will remember to
hold their Aunt's hand & to stay close at ALL times
and to, "Listen to their body so they can go Potty
(the oh so important chant we recite through out each day)

And as they drive out of sight...
I wonder if they will remember that
nothing in the world is more precious
nor more important than
my two little girls...
that I couldn't exist without them
and that I love them?
There isn't, I couldn't, I do.
* that they are gone
I think I'll go to bed...
the time always goes by faster when you sleep right?
I wonder if I can sleep for three days & wake up
just in time for my girls to return home?
Or...maybe just maybe ,
in the morning,
I'll wake to find myself enjoying the time apart...
Not likely but one never knows

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Canning for the winter has begun &
the final harvest is here!
It is rather bitter sweet...
On one hand I love the canning,
on the other,
I hate to bid farewell to my fresh veggies!
Hopefully this colourful batch is
just the beginning of the canning fun!

Our first potatoes of the year...heck,
our first potatoes EVER !!
Zucchini madness!
13 inches long
11 inches around
Washed & ready...a colourful feast for the eyes,
not to mention the tummy!
(Carrots, compliments of Yolande's garden ;)
Our carrots are tinny little radish shaped things...
too cute for words ;)

.I was thinking that the zucchini & tomatoes looked
just as awesome, once cooked,
as they ever did raw!!
And those taters....WOW...

what a treat for the taste buds!!
A friend said,
"What a powerful feeling, to grow your own food"
She's right...
I felt a sense of pride when Sean & I
sat our children down to eat this meal.
And you know, they eat every scrap!!
I can't wait till next year's growing season!!!
Well, maybe I can as, the coming Winter
will hold it's own special magic...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well.....I got the best e-mail recently :)
My childhood neighbour read my last post, the letter to Mr Sutherland,
ands she (Pam) decided to do something special with it!
What a wonderful woman she is!
Pam took it upon herself to find Mr Sutherland and,
proving to be a wise and crafty sleuth, she succeeded!
As it turns out, he never received my e-mail, well,
not up until a few weeks ago when Pam saw to it that he did!
With years gone by, to turn on my computer, open my email &
find a note from my this long lost teacher,
was something of a tremendous surprise!
It was equally amazing to read that he remembered me!!
It was heart warming to read that my letter caused him to smile.
I have Mr Sutherland's proper e-mail address now...
Turns out, I had the wrong one so, my letter to him
found itself floating aimlessly in cyberspace.
It's isn't floating anymore...
instead, it has found its way to it's intended destination,
even if a bit delayed, it made it...
with a bit of help (actually with a huge nudge)
from a dear friend...
Thanks Pam!!
And Mr Sutherland...
I'm flattered that you choose to remember me as an astute student :)
I am sure I was something of a pain in the tush
and far from thrilled with much related to school,
but YOUR class was different!
You allowed us to be ourselves & you believed in putting fun into learning!
I needed that!
I wonder how many teachers picked up
The Ammityville Horror
and read it to their class?
Crazy scary book...crazy fun memory!
somewhere along the line I grew up ;)
We all do...
Now, soon it will be MY turn to sit down at my dining room table,
as my parents did with me,
to drill my girls on the current week's
timetables & spelling words!
I sure hope my girls are more keen that I ever was!
Wish me luck on that one, would you ?