Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is like a salad...
a real mixture of moments
all tossed together,
from solitary moments...
to quiet moments with friends...
. and not so quiet moments...
to moments of exploration...
. (Who ever knew that
FISH had moment making

. to the anticipation of
new teeth moments...
and hugs between
best buddies moments...
.and then even more sister snuggle momevts...
. then there are the
"we're hiding"
and the
"Daddy I've got Mummy's camera"
and, of course, the
"Like it or not,
it's your turn Mummy!"
And each of the moments that
make up this family
are perfect
& precious
& ours!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

are everywhere!
And the beautiful creatures keep
finding their way into my greenhouse!
I do my best to catch and release them...
. .
Adelaide loves to see them
before they fly away
Daddy goes for the
up close & personal farewells
while Sarah decides that
she likes this thing on
Mummy's hand quite a bit
and rather
on her!
Seems to me,
the closer look you get
the more interesting they get!
Apparently these delightful creatures
only live for 10 to 14 days
in their adult butterfly form...
Such a short time to enjoy them,
don't you think?
And as they age,
their wings become
tattered and worn.
hummm....not unlike ours!
Time to rescue another one ...
And while Swallowtails are
gracefully lilting about
happily fluttering from flower to flower,
this rare & delightful species
takes time to
flutter about our soil pile

as only a
beautiful little
Yukon Butterfly

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The First FitzGerald Family
Camping Trip!
Not more than a kilometer down the road
Adelaide asked, "Are we there yet"?
How is it that ALL kids ask the
SAME questions?

Then, when Sarah asked
"Were are we were going camping?",
Adelaide answered,
"Down the Haines Road!"
Note to self:
Never assume they don't hear
what you are talking about...
Every time our little monkey saw water
she asked us to stop so she could throw rocks in!
Daddy found a great little spot to stop.
There were no rock on that sandy beach but,
the sticks seems to do just fine :)
Further along,
the Willow Ptarmigan were
entertaining to say the least!
They have, by far, the funniest
call I have ever heard!
With Adelaide still raring to go
and Sarah sound asleep
we made it to the pass
and found a flat spot to park the camper
It was after midnight & still, the sun hung on,
along with this little one's excitement about
her first camping trip!
I didn't think we EVER get her to sleep!!
Well into the wee hours of the morning,
with tummies full of Grandee's banana Bread
(carefully reproduced by me, aka: Mummy)
& we are off to bed!
With such a late night behind us,
it amazes me how
we all woke up in fine form!

But then again...
wouldn't YOU be eager to get out of bed to
play in the June SNOW!!

Especially the PINK June snow?
& not to mention the
colourful little rocks
that were happily waiting to be chosen,
and that we
NEVER seem to be able to resist!!
Adelaide created this piece of rock art all by her self!
& then there were the slightly larger ones
that both girls chose to pack for our garden :)
I LOVE my Mighty Munchkins!!
Along the hike we came across a friendly
Semipalmated Plover.

What a cute little fellow!
Silly me, I mistook him for a Killdeer
Who was to know that this plover only has one strip
& the Killdeer has two?
I'll not forget now :)
We couldn't get close enough to this river
to throw rocks into it...
The snow was just
too deep & dangerous
with the river running under it!
But it really was beautiful
and worth the hike to get to it!
With our pants soaked from snow
and our arms tired from hauling rocks
it was time for a PB&J lunch
and a bit of quiet time...
we hit the road home...
Does anyone else find the names, of these
two little alpine lakes, to be as
endearing as I do?
An number of Arctic Terns were diving
on one of the Twin Lakes.
There was a Pacific Loon amongst them,
and a mating pair of Trumpeter Swans
just down the road!
With our new found feathered friends
behind us
and a truck full of beautiful rocks
we finally return home from a...
fun filled,
nature enriched
especially cozy
family camping trip
Mum: "Who wants to go camping next weekend?"
Sarah: "I'm there Banana Bread?"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yukon wild flowers are the best

And this is just the beginning....
I wanted a garden...
I thought of a few raised beds...
I thought of a simple form of a greenhouse...
I suggested using some old logs that were lying around...
But I married a carpenter
and he happens to love me immeasurably:)
So began the birth of
my Greenhouse!

Adelaide collected the joins for the roof trusses

and because every fine carpenter need a helping hand,
she found her hammer!
and Sarah supervised the entire project
actually, they both did ;)
and they both got their hands dirty too...
Let's hope they hone their skills
in time for us to build our new home !
Daddy got to do the high stuff
The girls are still a bit young for climbing ladders
(not that they would necessarily agree with me on that one)
Things really started to take shape :)
And at 7 a.m.
what a yummy place to curl up with
a hot cup'a'java
and a snugly toddler
to welcome the morning...
and to Skype Aunt 'Reen !
But, remembering that this was not intended to be
a "java hut"...
and with the growing season well underway...
it was time to call in the
You can't have a greenhouse
if you can't plant things!
It was time to bring in the soil!
I've never seen two little girls
turn into such dirt mugs
so quickly!
So it was time to turn our new little coffee nook into
a proper greenhouse !
Yunic had a blast hanging out with me
while Sean started bringing in the dirt!
He just hunkered down
with a contented look about himself...
So much so that,
I'm thinking he could be my new watering buddy!
They are NOT
but what a great place
to keep my new Hostas
until I feel safe enough to put them in the ground!
I'm not sure I will EVER feel that safe in the Yukon
considering this past winter killed off all that I had!
To lose a Hosta is a horrible thing...
Well there she is
in all her glory
I have the greatest Hubby
the most amazing kids
Time to watch our dinner grow!!