Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I wanted a garden...
I thought of a few raised beds...
I thought of a simple form of a greenhouse...
I suggested using some old logs that were lying around...
But I married a carpenter
and he happens to love me immeasurably:)
So began the birth of
my Greenhouse!

Adelaide collected the joins for the roof trusses

and because every fine carpenter need a helping hand,
she found her hammer!
and Sarah supervised the entire project
actually, they both did ;)
and they both got their hands dirty too...
Let's hope they hone their skills
in time for us to build our new home !
Daddy got to do the high stuff
The girls are still a bit young for climbing ladders
(not that they would necessarily agree with me on that one)
Things really started to take shape :)
And at 7 a.m.
what a yummy place to curl up with
a hot cup'a'java
and a snugly toddler
to welcome the morning...
and to Skype Aunt 'Reen !
But, remembering that this was not intended to be
a "java hut"...
and with the growing season well underway...
it was time to call in the
You can't have a greenhouse
if you can't plant things!
It was time to bring in the soil!
I've never seen two little girls
turn into such dirt mugs
so quickly!
So it was time to turn our new little coffee nook into
a proper greenhouse !
Yunic had a blast hanging out with me
while Sean started bringing in the dirt!
He just hunkered down
with a contented look about himself...
So much so that,
I'm thinking he could be my new watering buddy!
They are NOT
but what a great place
to keep my new Hostas
until I feel safe enough to put them in the ground!
I'm not sure I will EVER feel that safe in the Yukon
considering this past winter killed off all that I had!
To lose a Hosta is a horrible thing...
Well there she is
in all her glory
I have the greatest Hubby
the most amazing kids
Time to watch our dinner grow!!


Betty said...

A truly amazing piece of work!
Congrats to you all and hope you have some great vegies over the summer.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh I am green with envy!! Your growing space looks fabulous. We are doing some serious landscaping in our backyard right now and there is a spot all laid out for my future garden and greenhouse. Cannot wait until I can grow some goodies!

Can you loan out your husband to build me a green house? And the girls too. :)

Cass said...

Awesome, so how long did the whole process take?

Heather, aka: Mum said...
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Heather, aka: Mum said...

(darn typos...I post a comment than have to delete it because my keyboard won't cooperate!)

Thanks Betty!! I can't wait to taist one of our tomatoes!! The plans flowered the first night we put them in the greenhouse...THAT was encouraging!!

Hey Kara :) Don't be too envious yet...keep that one till you see the harvest!! Oh...I SOOOO hope it works !!! Aren't those little tikes of mine too cute... they just LOVE being in the thick of everything :)

CASSIE!!!!! When ARE you coming to visit?? The greenhouse was to take an afternoon...it took more than a week (& a few things still need to be done) but it's all worth it & Sean really has done a great job :)

Dianna said...

I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG! And we must have coffee soon! And walk, let's walk!