Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Critters...

Summer Ermine in Martin's wood pile
I thought I heard a squealing somewhere
over near the band saw
so I went over to get a closer look...
Much to my surprise & delight...
I was greeted by our little Ermine, still in her winter white!
it was more like she was insisting that Wellington
& I were trespassing on her property
and that she was not in the least bit impressed!

We use this blade to cut dog meat & a lot of meat dust is
left inside the machine,
the result is,
Stress free Dining for our little friend!
I wonder how long we will have her here to enjoy?
After a few opportunistic photos,
I opened the door of the saw, providing her a quick escape.

More of our resident Eagle

It's mighty awesome when you can get close enough
to see him blink!
In some photos, his eyes are as clear as can be...
In others they are cloudy because his eyelid has closed!
I love zoom!

Feet aren't the only things that leave tracks
in the snow!
As you can see,
it sure isn't hard to get close to this bird!

Sarah Grace
Celebrating the sun!

Daddy's shoulders are the best place to be...
Closer to the SUN!
Mum's kick sled provides hours of entertainment

A gentle kiss for a gentle friend
Soaking in Spring

A Yukon Girl that LIVES to be outdoors

When you can't find a rock...
find a snowball...
put it in your toboggan with Baby Maui...
and take it home for Mummy
to keep in the freezer

Friday, March 12, 2010

Girly days...

Meet Chops!
I've not known a lot of English Bulldogs in my life time. In fact, ...
this new little fella around town is only the second I've ever met!
You might not be able to put him in harness but
he is darn cute nonetheless!
"So" you ask, "What does Chops have to do with Girly days"?
It's simple...
Chops lives at the Cozy Corner
& that is where Sarah & Adelaide
have been taking me out for mid-week coffee!

Both of the girls are rather smitten with this puppy
not that that is any great surprise!
I can only imagine what fuzzy (and otherwise)
creatures they will bring home one day...
(With all due respect, just no more sled-dogs PLEASE!!!)


We love our birds!


This little Whiskey Jack was helping himself
to the ground pork I was leaving out for the Ermine...

This somewhat larger feathered friend
just scored a yummy dish of rotting carcass
at the local dump...

No amount of human presence was about to deter
our savvy scavenger from his meal...
so I was able to drive home, pick up Angie & Loic &
drive back to the dump for their viewing pleasure!

Did you know that a black bird is a bad luck omen in France,
much like the black cat is in North America?

It is for this reason that our foreign friends aren't impressed
by the vast number of Ravens in the Yukon!
I, for one, adore these mystical creatures wholeheartedly!

All in all....
Black, Grey, or otherwise,
I love birds!
& so do my little girls!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early This Morning...

While Miss Adelaide slept,
Sarah Grace & I were visited by
our newest neighbour,
over coffee & yogourt

Align Center
Some mornings it just pays to be up
a bit early

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WOW...have we grown!

From this....

Being born was hard work...for all THREE of us!

but worth all of the effort :)

At times it felt like I'd NEVER get to hold them in my arms!
When I finally did, I found it hard to set them down!


It sure didn't take long for Daddy to fall in love

& to was just the beginning!


. this!!

Sarah is signing her waiver for a dogsled race
well...practicing anyways :)

and Adelaide models her racing bib...
actually, it's her Daddy's bib but she is already planning for her first race!

Too cool!
and all grown up!
& all in the blink of an eye