Friday, March 12, 2010

Girly days...

Meet Chops!
I've not known a lot of English Bulldogs in my life time. In fact, ...
this new little fella around town is only the second I've ever met!
You might not be able to put him in harness but
he is darn cute nonetheless!
"So" you ask, "What does Chops have to do with Girly days"?
It's simple...
Chops lives at the Cozy Corner
& that is where Sarah & Adelaide
have been taking me out for mid-week coffee!

Both of the girls are rather smitten with this puppy
not that that is any great surprise!
I can only imagine what fuzzy (and otherwise)
creatures they will bring home one day...
(With all due respect, just no more sled-dogs PLEASE!!!)



Cassandra Kazlovskis said...

I wanna come and meet your girls. They are adorable! And you JUST know that they are already dog lovers! Too cute!

I answer to "Mum" said...

There is always a place here for you & your hubby!!!!!!!!! I'd LOVE to share my family & the North with you Cassie!!

I answer to "Mum" said...

Hey Cassie...can you believe Welly is turning 11 yrs old next month? I know he'd jump over the moon to see you old friend!!!