Friday, March 12, 2010

We love our birds!


This little Whiskey Jack was helping himself
to the ground pork I was leaving out for the Ermine...

This somewhat larger feathered friend
just scored a yummy dish of rotting carcass
at the local dump...

No amount of human presence was about to deter
our savvy scavenger from his meal...
so I was able to drive home, pick up Angie & Loic &
drive back to the dump for their viewing pleasure!

Did you know that a black bird is a bad luck omen in France,
much like the black cat is in North America?

It is for this reason that our foreign friends aren't impressed
by the vast number of Ravens in the Yukon!
I, for one, adore these mystical creatures wholeheartedly!

All in all....
Black, Grey, or otherwise,
I love birds!
& so do my little girls!

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