Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grandee & Grandad meet the twins!!

For ME... the best part of
going home was seeing my parents with my children!! The worst part of living in the Yukon is being SO far from them... but we have to grab our happiness where it is & mine is in the North. So, enjoying the little time we have together is everything to me...
These are some of my favourite moments...
Loving hands (Sarah)

Hanging out with Grandad!!!!! (Adelaide)

No one has to share when there are TWO

Grandee slept here a "few" years ago...and every child & grandchild since. We couldn't break an age old tradition!! And what a photo op!!!!! (Sarah/Adelaide)

Who ever said dogs weren't people too? (Sarah & Angus)

Ahhh...Grandee has the magical touch!! (Adelaide)

Bunnies need snuggles too! (Sarah)

Snug as a bug in Grandad's arms! (Adelaide)

I must say...I was impressed when Grandad got himself into this position without any help!! I guess having 5 of his own, he learned a trick or two!! (Top - Adelaide / Bottom - Sarah)

Grandee seems to have the knack too :) When you see them next time Grandee, they might be a tad big for this pose!! (Top-Sarah / Bottom-Adelaide)

Cousins, Aunts & Uncles

Family is everything & sharing the twins with both Sean's & my relatives was an incredible thing!! I can't explain what it felt like to watch every one shower my two little girls with so much love & unspoken acceptance...We are truly lucky to have the family we do...Everyone should be so blessed!
Judy, I think was is "Love at first sight"

Home is where my cousins are & cousin Vicki sure is fun to cuddle with :)

Aunt Mary's home is a place to be...family, dogs, apple pie & afghans!! Does it get any better??

Now THIS is our Aunt Maureen !!! We think SHE should move to the Yukon !!!!! We'd even chop her wood to keep her warm & then we'd snuggle under an Aunt Mary afghan with her while we watch the Northern Lights together!!!Now Aunt Maureen, we wouldn't offer that to just anybody ya know!!

Uncle Bill!!!!!!! We are scheming up something for our next visit! :)

MORE food???

Meet Sarah & Sarah...Can YOU see the family resemblance??

"Courtney is such a cool cousin!! When I grow up I'm going to be just like her...

....smart & beautiful !!"

Hey Cameron...how did you get so big while I was gone??

1/2 boy 1/2 husky...sounds like MY kind of kid!!

perfect moments

Two for two

Ahhh...William, you are a great kid! I miss you so much!! Remember, you have a date to go dog mushing with me (your Auntie Heather) I can't wait!!!!!

...and AGAIN??? When will the eating ever stop???

Aunt Karen, you do suit a baby in your arms ;) But THESE little bundles belong in the Yukon!!

Someone raided Grandee's stash!!! Can you guess who might be the guilty ones???

Uncle Kim's a natural isn't he?? The perfect guy...Great brother, awesome Dad & snuggly Uncle!! Who could ask for more??
Sailing for a dog

sled ride...fair trade??

-40 and proud!

Ahhh... I've typed this out twice already only to have the computer wipe it out both times!! Hummm is this a sign?? Perhaps one handed typing with baby in arms isn't the best way to go about blogging??
Lets try one more time ;)
I was talking about how having twins has turned our lives upside down in a happy way for us but not so happy for the dogs! Usually this time of year Sean is out running the teams constantly...in fact it isn't unlike him to run a team to work & home instead of driving the truck! Nothing like handing your hubby a bagged lunch & kissing him good bye as he yells "HIKE" to a screaming team of sled dogs!! I, too, am usually out on the trails this time of year & this was to be MY winter! I have a litter of pups that just turned a year old & I couldn't wait to play with them out on the snowy Yukon trails...but that isn't how winter has turned out for Sean, myself OR the dogs! SO when I was presented with an opportunity to Fair the -30 temps at a dogsled race or to seek comfort in my cozy recliner AGAIN (where I participate in an all day feeding marathon Monday through Sunday) it was no contest!! -30 it was!!
We were off to the Copper Haul Twister !!

The girls & I bundled up in the front of the truck (the pink blankets from Aunt Karen & the girls are AWESOME!!) and we cheered on all who participated from the starting line, with the best (and warmest) seats in the house! Sean took Taz into the 5k pet race & placed 5th...Adelaide, Sarah & I cheered Daddy, & Taz, in with glee (I needn't mention that there were only 5 entrants) While some crossed the finish line with frost bitten noses & cheeks, the girls & I remained in the warmth of the truck where we welcomed all kinds of friendly visitors to our back seat!! It was tons of fun seeing mushing friends that we've missed all winter!! It was even more fun to take the girls to their first race!!

Did I mention that Jack Frost has moved in? It's to be -40 ish all week!! Enough is enough!! That pesky fellow can play all he wants...I'm NOT letting him mess with MY limited social life!!! It's off to a friend's tomorrow to watch L.O.S.T !!! I can't wait!!! Besides, we ARE in the YUKON, right? What's a wee bit of weather??

Tip: When YOU next have -40 at YOUR cabin...

Boil a pot of water...throw it into the air, one coffee mug at a time. It will hiss as it turns into a wall of steam... leaving only the odd "thud" as tiny bits of slush hit the ground!!! The entertainment value is priceless!!! OK, so you don't get the sound effects on video BUT you do get to see the wall of fog when we open the door!!!!!

-43.5 (in the sun) & proud to be a Yukoner


The little dot means MINUS but then again knowing that it is winter in the Yukon, you don't need a dot to tell you it's NOT 46.1 ABOVE freezing!! So...Jack Frost got his way! I DIDN'T get out last night to watch L.O.S.T with friends & I wasn't too happy about it but, being a Mum now, I have to behave in a responsible fashion which includes staying home when it's -46 outside! Having a tire blowout 1/2 an hour down the Alaska Highway could mean certain trouble at these temperatures! Instead Sean & I snuggled our two beautiful babies in front of a PG13 movie. Heck we are SO responsible now that we even notice the movie ratings!!
Well?? How is Sawyer?? Did he miss our little date last night? I can see it now....in the middle of the big season's opener the camera pans to the lead sexy guy, Sawyer. He pauses and says, "But where is Heather? How can we go on without her support?" In the background you can hear Lock gasping in disbelief..."You mean she's not watching? My God man, we can't go on!" All the while sounds, of Freckles & the rest of the crew weeping, can be heard off set... Darn weather.....It had better be warmer for NEXT weeks episode!! Oh, I sure hope someone found a spare tape to record it all for me!!

Now that I am over that...I was thinking of going to the cabin today but my pillow seems SO much more cozy this morning & the babies are sleeping :) Time for a nap of my own!! Maybe this afternoon when Sean gets home we can go to Madley's to do some shopping...Tomorrow is to be the last day they are open then NO MORE STORE FOR THE JUNCTION!! Oh well...we'll manage without Madley's no doubt!! In the mean time, maybe we can score some good deals today :)

Cheers family and friends,
I'm off to catch some warm ZZZZZ's
PS: As soon as I laid down, you guessed it, the babies BOTH woke up & started crying...so much for my nap!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

First meetings!!

On our way to Ontario!
Aunt Maureen & Uncle Ian are waiting in Vancouver for us &
Grandee & Grandad are waiting in Oshawa!!
It's the start of our first family vacation!!
Don't Mum & Dad look so excited?!

The flight was a smooth one & the flight attendants were so very nice to us!
But gee, it's nice to be at Aunt Maureen's !
She has furniture!!! Mum & Dad are still working on that!!

These are our cousins William & Sarah....they are SOOOO cool!!
We'd LOVE to take them home to the Yukon with us...
Can we??? Can we ??? Can we???

Courtney is one of our older cousins :) We just love her to bits!Well...Mummy is WAY to tired tonight to post any more pics for us tonight so we will pack her off to bed & catch up with you later :):) TONS of pis to follow & stories to tell :):)

Bye for now...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

For Auntie Eileen

Sarah @ about 17 days old!!!

Sarah & Adelaide soon after getting home...not much more than a month old

Two !!!!!

Sarah spooning her fuzzy blanket

Adelaide LOVES Daddy's arms!!!


Yesterday Papa Sean & I packed up the girls an made off to the big city!!! FREEDOM!!!
Well maybe not TOTAL freedom. We Did take the girls with us...can't just leave them in the dog yard ya know.... but I DID get outdoors...It's been too cold to take the Wee Ones out so I've been in doors for TOO long!!!!! Anyhow, it might be 100 miles to Whitehorse but would YOU have a hard time driving this knowing there are NO stop signs or traffic lights, the elk are likely to pay you a visit & you're are surrounded by gorgeous mountains the entire time??
Thank God the 401 is a thing of my past!!
Once we got to town, we were able to squeeze in a quick visit to my old school (Hidden Valley) to show off the girls (I LOVE showing them off!!!) & to see old friends!! Then it was off to lunch with Laura & Stacie. You should see those two with Adelaide & Sarah! Good thing there are TWO girls...one for each to snuggle!!! Then...down to the serious task of shopping...Sean managed to find critical parts necessary to finish up the water tank installation !!YAHOO!! I can't wait!!
And, I managed to spend our gift certificate (generously provided by a friend)
for "Please Mum"...now THAT was fun!!
As always, the girls travelled extremely well & their Dad & I were grateful for it! It makes for a long day no matter & throws off any schedule we might have at the time...
oh ya, with twins, there IS no schedule!! Who was I kidding??

This is what we look like on limited sleep!!!!!
Funny, this morning at about 9 a.m., it felt like the middle of the night!!!!! The Yukon sun is on it's way back but it's still dark then & our sleep is no longer unbroken!

When DO parents finally get a full night's sleep again?? Can ANYBODY tell me???

Now THIS I LOVE!!Dad teaching a Dad-in-waiting, how to change a VERY poopy diaper!! So Sean, all of those years scooping in the dog yard have paid off!!

Here, Adelaide (I'm pretty sure this is Adelaide) and I look a bit more rested :) There is NOTHING in this world that is more perfect than snuggle time!

Well time to sign off...Dad & I are off to the Nurses Station to get the girls' immunizations started! Poor wee babes :( 4 shots each :( Such brave little souls!!

Immunization Day!!

Here, Our Public Health Care Nurse is snuggling Sarah BEFORE the 4 needles get jabbed into her tiny little legs! Notice how Sarah is gazing into the face of her new friend? What a trusting child!! I was thinking..... Sarah might not be into snuggling our Nurse AFTER the episode!!

Now that the dirty deed is done, Daddy is there to console :)

There's Micky!! What a brace little stuffy!!

Darwin is there to support his buddy!!

All in all the girls fared well (as well as their buddies Darwin & Micky McGee!!) getting their first immunization shots! I think it was harder on me than it was on them!! Even our glamorous nurse (in the Yukon we have the best of the best!) commented on how well natured the munchkins are :):):) I'm so proud of them!! A wee bit of Tylenol & we were all good to go....until of course, when I fed them undiluted concentrate at 1 in the morning...THEN it got interesting!! Why didn't someone warn me that not all liquid baby formula was ready to serve!!! Nursing is SOOOOO much less complicated!!

Now...With this appointment behind us (and the formula thing figured out) It's time to start getting packed for Grandee & Grandad's house!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!! We can't wait to get to Ontario! Heck, we even get to visit Aunt Maureen & Uncle Ian on the way! We hope our cousins Neil & Ryan are around too!!!!!

Hopefully the girls will sleep on the flights!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

To clarify....

THESE are the puppy dogs...by mushers' standards, these two qualify as a "litter"!!

This is Spruces...She is one of the "Dancing Paws"
Sean & I own 39 dogs
8 of them make up the Dancing Paws Kennel
Including 7 Alaskan Huskies (Ivy, Duchess, Spruce, Beetle, Jack, Alpine and Cedar)
My first born, Wellington (who happens to be a Springer Spaniel)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sarah's 2007 Holiday Season Report!!

Can you believe our Mum stuffed us in STOCKINGS & put us under a TREE and who is this Santa guy we keep hearing about anyways??

It's Christmas day & we can't wait to see Auntie
Laura!!!!! Hurry up Mum & Dad!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (thank God they sleep in the truck...could you handle 100 miles of tantrum crying?)

YAHHHHH...we're here!! & Laura is soooooooo cute in her pretty hat!! We look kinda funny on our sides though!!

Yummy!! Christmas dinner is awesome!!! And there are so many red & green sparkly things to look at, at Laura's house!! My sister & I are still trying to figure out just who this Santa guy is & why it is SO important we behave!!

Now THERE is Jon (we LOVE boys in kilts!!)!! It's New Years Eve & everyone came to our place...We love it when the Yukon family comes over...it's an endless snuggle fest!

Being so adorable is tough!!

...Something tells me these little stocking stuffers found the whole Holiday ordeal rather exhausting! Hopefully next year they won't be too big for such parental indulgences!!