Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Immunization Day!!

Here, Our Public Health Care Nurse is snuggling Sarah BEFORE the 4 needles get jabbed into her tiny little legs! Notice how Sarah is gazing into the face of her new friend? What a trusting child!! I was thinking..... Sarah might not be into snuggling our Nurse AFTER the episode!!

Now that the dirty deed is done, Daddy is there to console :)

There's Micky!! What a brace little stuffy!!

Darwin is there to support his buddy!!

All in all the girls fared well (as well as their buddies Darwin & Micky McGee!!) getting their first immunization shots! I think it was harder on me than it was on them!! Even our glamorous nurse (in the Yukon we have the best of the best!) commented on how well natured the munchkins are :):):) I'm so proud of them!! A wee bit of Tylenol & we were all good to go....until of course, when I fed them undiluted concentrate at 1 in the morning...THEN it got interesting!! Why didn't someone warn me that not all liquid baby formula was ready to serve!!! Nursing is SOOOOO much less complicated!!

Now...With this appointment behind us (and the formula thing figured out) It's time to start getting packed for Grandee & Grandad's house!!!! Yipppeeee!!!!! We can't wait to get to Ontario! Heck, we even get to visit Aunt Maureen & Uncle Ian on the way! We hope our cousins Neil & Ryan are around too!!!!!

Hopefully the girls will sleep on the flights!!

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