Friday, January 25, 2008

First meetings!!

On our way to Ontario!
Aunt Maureen & Uncle Ian are waiting in Vancouver for us &
Grandee & Grandad are waiting in Oshawa!!
It's the start of our first family vacation!!
Don't Mum & Dad look so excited?!

The flight was a smooth one & the flight attendants were so very nice to us!
But gee, it's nice to be at Aunt Maureen's !
She has furniture!!! Mum & Dad are still working on that!!

These are our cousins William & Sarah....they are SOOOO cool!!
We'd LOVE to take them home to the Yukon with us...
Can we??? Can we ??? Can we???

Courtney is one of our older cousins :) We just love her to bits!Well...Mummy is WAY to tired tonight to post any more pics for us tonight so we will pack her off to bed & catch up with you later :):) TONS of pis to follow & stories to tell :):)

Bye for now...

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