Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grandee & Grandad meet the twins!!

For ME... the best part of
going home was seeing my parents with my children!! The worst part of living in the Yukon is being SO far from them... but we have to grab our happiness where it is & mine is in the North. So, enjoying the little time we have together is everything to me...
These are some of my favourite moments...
Loving hands (Sarah)

Hanging out with Grandad!!!!! (Adelaide)

No one has to share when there are TWO

Grandee slept here a "few" years ago...and every child & grandchild since. We couldn't break an age old tradition!! And what a photo op!!!!! (Sarah/Adelaide)

Who ever said dogs weren't people too? (Sarah & Angus)

Ahhh...Grandee has the magical touch!! (Adelaide)

Bunnies need snuggles too! (Sarah)

Snug as a bug in Grandad's arms! (Adelaide)

I must say...I was impressed when Grandad got himself into this position without any help!! I guess having 5 of his own, he learned a trick or two!! (Top - Adelaide / Bottom - Sarah)

Grandee seems to have the knack too :) When you see them next time Grandee, they might be a tad big for this pose!! (Top-Sarah / Bottom-Adelaide)

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