Tuesday, January 29, 2008

-40 and proud!

Ahhh... I've typed this out twice already only to have the computer wipe it out both times!! Hummm is this a sign?? Perhaps one handed typing with baby in arms isn't the best way to go about blogging??
Lets try one more time ;)
I was talking about how having twins has turned our lives upside down in a happy way for us but not so happy for the dogs! Usually this time of year Sean is out running the teams constantly...in fact it isn't unlike him to run a team to work & home instead of driving the truck! Nothing like handing your hubby a bagged lunch & kissing him good bye as he yells "HIKE" to a screaming team of sled dogs!! I, too, am usually out on the trails this time of year & this was to be MY winter! I have a litter of pups that just turned a year old & I couldn't wait to play with them out on the snowy Yukon trails...but that isn't how winter has turned out for Sean, myself OR the dogs! SO when I was presented with an opportunity to Fair the -30 temps at a dogsled race or to seek comfort in my cozy recliner AGAIN (where I participate in an all day feeding marathon Monday through Sunday) it was no contest!! -30 it was!!
We were off to the Copper Haul Twister !!

The girls & I bundled up in the front of the truck (the pink blankets from Aunt Karen & the girls are AWESOME!!) and we cheered on all who participated from the starting line, with the best (and warmest) seats in the house! Sean took Taz into the 5k pet race & placed 5th...Adelaide, Sarah & I cheered Daddy, & Taz, in with glee (I needn't mention that there were only 5 entrants) While some crossed the finish line with frost bitten noses & cheeks, the girls & I remained in the warmth of the truck where we welcomed all kinds of friendly visitors to our back seat!! It was tons of fun seeing mushing friends that we've missed all winter!! It was even more fun to take the girls to their first race!!

Did I mention that Jack Frost has moved in? It's to be -40 ish all week!! Enough is enough!! That pesky fellow can play all he wants...I'm NOT letting him mess with MY limited social life!!! It's off to a friend's tomorrow to watch L.O.S.T !!! I can't wait!!! Besides, we ARE in the YUKON, right? What's a wee bit of weather??

Tip: When YOU next have -40 at YOUR cabin...

Boil a pot of water...throw it into the air, one coffee mug at a time. It will hiss as it turns into a wall of steam... leaving only the odd "thud" as tiny bits of slush hit the ground!!! The entertainment value is priceless!!! OK, so you don't get the sound effects on video BUT you do get to see the wall of fog when we open the door!!!!!

-43.5 (in the sun) & proud to be a Yukoner

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