Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sarah's 2007 Holiday Season Report!!

Can you believe our Mum stuffed us in STOCKINGS & put us under a TREE and who is this Santa guy we keep hearing about anyways??

It's Christmas day & we can't wait to see Auntie
Laura!!!!! Hurry up Mum & Dad!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (thank God they sleep in the truck...could you handle 100 miles of tantrum crying?)

YAHHHHH...we're here!! & Laura is soooooooo cute in her pretty hat!! We look kinda funny on our sides though!!

Yummy!! Christmas dinner is awesome!!! And there are so many red & green sparkly things to look at, at Laura's house!! My sister & I are still trying to figure out just who this Santa guy is & why it is SO important we behave!!

Now THERE is Jon (we LOVE boys in kilts!!)!! It's New Years Eve & everyone came to our place...We love it when the Yukon family comes's an endless snuggle fest!

Being so adorable is tough!!

...Something tells me these little stocking stuffers found the whole Holiday ordeal rather exhausting! Hopefully next year they won't be too big for such parental indulgences!!

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