Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kathleen Lake is the most magical
place on earth!
To have a clear night with an almost full moon
makes it even more amazing!!

A mauve light illuminated the afternoon sky
and we all ran outdoors,
weathering the cold,
to soak it in!!

Thomas & Adelaide shared
a belly full of laughter together!
Dear Thomas has become
a special part of our family &
we were thrilled that he & his sweetheart
were able to join us tonight to celebrate
Friendship, Full moons &

and Sarah and Adelaide play
"Ring around the rosy"
with Ella!

"Husha husha we all fall down!!!" It's amazing how many times they can play this game & still love it!!

Nothing like a friend with a
guitar to warm a cold night :)
The kids danced & danced & danced &
the "big" kids hovered close & sang along!

Here are my two best friends that are always side by side...I love them so much and nothing makes me happier than to see them laughting together!!

Ice candles to cast light in the cozy kitchen shelter!

The kitchen shelter at Kathleen Lake under the full moon

Across the lake sits
the King's Thrown
with a handfull of stars above

And finally,
the road leading
back to the highway
and eventually back to our cabin...
Nights like tonight are incredible
and serve to remind me just how thankful I am
that this is my home, and these are my friends
Cheers to all of us having
an equally
wonderful Christmas
no matter where we are...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Zia 'Leen!!

We LOVE you!!
Come back

Christmas is a magical time of year for kids of ALL ages
but when you are 3
it is even more amazing!!
We started our weekend yesterday
with a trip to the Ballet!
The Nutcracker
was being preformed by the
Northern Lights School of Dance
at the
Yukon Arts Centre
Of course I had all good intentions to
capture the awe filled moments
with the camera but,
I foolishly left the camera at home
oh me,
the girls were transfixed throughout
the entire two hour performance!
We can't wait for the next ballet in May!!
Getting ready to land!!
Today brought another type of Christmas magic!
Adelaide in Purple - Sarah in Pink

He came by way of a small fixed wing.
His Elf Pilot landed the little Cessna
on the Alaska Highway
and we were all there to Greet him!!

Taxing down the highway

Santa arrives!!

Terry helping Santa disembark

What an exciting time for Haines Junction!

The real excitement begins...

Adelaide and Sarah were rather thrilled
for an opportunity to give their
wishes to Santa in person!
Adelaide asked him for a back-hoe
While Sarah asked about
the possibilities of getting a dress!
Both, perfectly suited to their individual personalities
and reasonable requests...

Well..."reasonable requests",
provided they are not looking in
heavy duty equipment yards
or houte couter boutiques!

A gift for Santa in the form of a cookie

and another cookie ;)

Sarah then grabbed a gift from under the tree & gave it to Santa!

Santa and his pilot...Asking for a new plane ?
Our trusted RCMP Corporal and the head of our Ranger Unit
telling Santa that they've been trying hard to be good boys!
I'd bet Santa is feeling
safe in OUR town !!
Now...just to clean up the cabin
in time for his
trip down our chimney ;)
I'm glad I have a few days left
to get ready for
that bit of

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfect moments
with my girls...


. .
. . .
I thought new borns were awesome,
then I thought the first year was the bomb!!
Two was wonderful & all too fast
and now
Seems it just keeps getting better

Monday, December 6, 2010

For The Love of Fur!!!
Most of you know about my newest obsession
but perhaps you have never seen
what a Leonberger actually looks like!
And Yes Mum & Dad, YOU are to blame for this!
YOU are the ones who raised me with Saints...
Surely you knew, at the time, that at least ONE of us
would carry on the tradition....
It is not by choice so much as it is genetics!
Apparently you passed on the Big Dog Gene ;)
Meet Seelowen's Glorious Summer
My hopes lie in Summer producing a fine
show girl for me this summer!

Meet Seelowen's Grand Chinook
Chinook is Summer's full blood brother...isn't he yummy??
These photos are not mine (obviously!)
but they are ones that I have saved in my Leo File
and I look at them often!
Below are my photos...
not great shots but AWESOME dogs :)

These three Leos moved to town recently & I had the
great pleasure of meeting them them Sunday night!
I'd happily take all of them home
but I think their Mum
would have something to say about that!
Guess I'll have to wait for my very own puppy
& what an exciting day THAT will be !

This is only the begining of THIS topic...
By the way...
I even have names picked out for my future Leo Girl !
But THAT you will have to wait on ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today it is zero out but,
yesterday was a different story...

December's Chill
December's cold sun

High noon & Shades of grey

Fog shrouds the mountains

Haines Road in a fog

Hoar frost turning everything to white

With December's cold & fog,
lakes & mountains vanish and
I am left in awe

Winter's fuel

Evidence of neighbours...
this moose calf weathers the cold

The Snowshoe Hare is making a come back.
Their tracks are everywhere in the fresh snow
and they are a welcomed sight!

Usually running know it must be cold
when these two, not only keep their cloths on
but actually wear hats indoors!