Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late night ramblings...

This afternoon, I couldn't stay in the cabin for another second so, I took the girls for a walk...not a long one because the stroller was too hard to push through all of the new snow, but it sure felt good to get outside for a bit & the girls seemed to enjoy it too! It was about -15'C so I bundled them up in a two fuzzy sleepers each, put on the green hoody sweaters (from Shaaron & Betty) & wrapped them in fleece blankets and stuffed in two hot-water teddy bear bottles...the hot-water bottles are adorable!! I didn't even pull the cover down that turns the stroller into a completely enclosed cocoon. The sun was bright against a perfectly blue sky, the only clouds hugged the mountain peeks and the ground sparkled like it was 2 feet deep in crushed diamonds! I don't ever remember the snow in Ontario sparkling that's just SO dry here that it literally sparkles!! I tried to find the trees that we identified as likely Christmas trees for cutting but, now that they are all draped in snow, I can't pick them out anymore!! In fact, with the snow, they ALL look perfect, but I know better!! Ohhhhh I miss my camera!!

Well it looks like Adelaide is cutting her 3rd tooth . I think I'll call the dentist about this one though! Instead of it being an upper front tooth, it's the upper one to the left of the front teeth...I wonder if that is normal? I've only heard of the bottom & top front teeth coming in before anything else. Oh well it will be what it will be &, if this is the biggest of our worries won't we be lucky parents!

Martin called at 9pm tonight needing a hand unloading 60 blocks of frozen dog meat...He isn't someone that we would ever say "no" to when he asks for help. He is such a good friend & he rarely asks for anything! Sean helped me put the girls to bed before heading out but wouldn't you know it, Adelaide had OTHER plans & sleep was NOT something that she had factored in!! Playing with the cat, having a snack, playing with Mummy....THAT was more what SHE had in mind!!

Tomorrow is suppose to be a Whitehorse day...the day we get our new dryer. I'm pretty excited about it but I have to say...Sears is a bit of a wild card here! I can't believe how bad the service has been! From overcharging us, to not providing a bill of sale, to bring in the wrong product & leaving it up to ME to figure out something was wrong, to taking an extra month to set things right! They wouldn't get away with that foolishness in the South! However, tomorrow I can put THAT experience behind me & get on with washing & DRYING our laundry!! Now we won't have clothes lines running all over the place in the cabin! What a treat!!

Speaking of "treats" with the 31st quickly approaching, I've not done anything about costumes for the girls BUT we are going to take a dog team to Claire & Remy's for a surprise dogsled ride...Whatever you do, DON'T tell them...Like I said, it's a surprise! It's Claire's birthday & her party is Friday after the town fireworks! We aren't taking the girls trick or treating (heck they can't eat candy yet so we'd look rather silly looking for handouts) but we are taking them to Claire's Halloween/Birthday party...they'll be dressed as Mushers with their own headlamps, a dog team & a sled! Hopefully I'll be able to get a new camera in town tomorrow (remember, I broke mine earlier this week) so that I'll be able to get some photos!

Well Sean is back from Martin's & is now out in the yard feeding the multitudes. The girls are finally asleep. Turned out Adelaide was up an extra hour just refusing to sleep but, sounds like I finally got her down successfully!! Hopefully the feeding ruckus won't wake her up again!! And, hopefully Sean won't be too much longer out's already 10:30 & he'll be bushed tomorrow for having a late night tonight!

Guess that's it for now....The cabin is settled in for the night, the fire is burning & the dogs are quiet (indicating that their meal has been served & Sean will soon be in) So, with that, I'll wish you all a peaceful sleep where ever you may be.....


Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to ... wintery world :)

At the end of my driveway there is a sign that reads, "Fast Dogs"

The yard is home to the "Dancing Paws" too but THAT sign has yet to be created...Hummm one day...At least for now, their pen is built!!

Beside the sign is the lamp post...well, maybe a lamp, without it's post ;) But, post or not, it looks glorious on a cold winter's night, burning for friends!!

This would be "Gee" out of my Driveway (Gee is musher talk for Right).
Down at the bottom of this rather long hill, and waaay off down the flat...lives our neighbour...She is a sweet soul & the one I believe my dogs went to visit earlier today when they were off exploring...What little rascals!!

This would be "haw" & yes, you guessed it, that would be "Left" in Musher talk!!I absolutely NEVER get sick of this view!! These are the very mountains that my old cast iron tub use to face when it was on the front step...ahhhh...I miss my outdoor tub & especially in winter!! No bugs & warm water up to your's like a temporary ticket to Heaven!!

You just have to love these pesty fellas! The Magpie is one of my favourite birds in the Yukon! They are SO exotic looking with their long iridescent tails & the shocking white & black markings!!

Evidence of the woodpeckers in our garden!!
All summer long we heard them hammering away....It took till the leaves were gone to see exactly where the sound was coming from!

And then there is Raven...the King of feathered Friends!
I'd be lost without the playful gulking, of this sizable fellow, in our kennel!
Oh how he loves nothing better than to tease the sled dogs!!

Dormant willow for another season

Fresh snow on fencing....I happy sight for all that live here!

Oats grow from the old straw pile, just down the drive...
No wonder Mable's horses love to visit our yard!!
Well the pile is quiet now for another winter...
Next summer I'll turn it a few times & try to compost what is there!!
Who knows, maybe I can grow something other than the odd oat stock !!

Foxtail Grass is extremely dangerous for the dogs! They can lose an eye or, even life it's self, to this nasty yet beautiful plant!!
In winter's light, it really does look harmless, does it??

I love to walk about my property this time of year to see what awesome things are about, whether awesome is the smile of a dog, the playfulness of the birds, the urgent bustle of mini critters, or the crystals of winter...

I then love to nestle back into my cabin, with cozy slippers on by the wood stove...

...where the warming sound of family fills the space.

So far today...


  1. Still snowing in the Junction!!
  2. 4 new inches over night / over a foot in total
  3. Puppies are BACK in their pen after a well planned break-out & romp to our neighbour's, in the glorious new snow!!
  4. Kids are up & HAPPILY munching on their Multi-Grain Cheerios
  5. Snow is STILL falling...
  6. Cabin is semi- tidy
  7. My camera is BROKEN :( I dropped it on my way out to see the dogs :(
  8. Still snowing !!!!!
  9. I'd take a picture of the new snow camera sadly is STILL BROKEN!!
  10. Looks like you're in for a series of OLD PHOTOS!! ... but not till nap time :)
  11. Oh by the way...did I mention that...

.......It's STILL SNOWING !!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

While Sean's renovating the puppy pen...

...I'm inside re-arranging the other "puppy pen"

So here is the "Before"...

...and the "after"

...and more "after"
...but just a second ago it was SPOTLESS! What happened??
THIS is my genius way of hiding the heater so that the two little Rug-Rats can't turn it on any more & burn their little paws!!
I like THIS brilliant idea I came up with too!! I covered the baby gate with a blanket so that Sarah can't CLIMB it any more!! HA HA...I win this battle :)
These next 4 shots are of Sarah...
She made like a cat & headed straight for the snuggle area!!"Hummmmm.....something NEW & heck, I'm taller when I stand on this thing!!"
"Time for the cuddle test!"
"Hummm...& it's SOOOO Soft!!!"
" Ahhhhhh...Just right :):) "
& then there is Adelaide!!
"My Turn!!"

"Hummmmm....It LOOKS cozy...

Ahhhh...It IS cozy!!"

"Yup...STILL cozy"

"...but can I do head stands on it?? I can !! I can !! "

All tuckered out!!


here is the final seal of approval...

two beaming faces!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Haines Junction's 5 Day Forcast

So, our Forecast might be the reason some of you South-of-60' folks aren't visiting??

Sunrise: 9:13 Sunset: 18:36
Hi 4°C
Low -3°C
40% (chance of flurries or rain showers)
(5:47 pm update: The wood pile just arrived!!)

Hi -6°C
Low -6°C
(now calling for -22°C)
mix of sun and cloud

Hi -15°C
Low -22°C

Hi -14°C
Low -22°C
30% (chance of flurries)

Hi -15°C
Low -27°C

I'm thinking it's time to pull out the ol' down parka again...
(and snow pants & hats & mitts & boots & sweaters & ...)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I couldn't resist...

I've posted so much about the yard & non baby stuff that I just HAD to show you these!!

Sarah is standing independently!! & she's not the only one...

Her twin sister, Adelaide, is following her example!!
& notice all of that blond hair!! They aren't bald anymore!!!!
There is no stopping them now...

Maureen...Enjoy :):):)

This one's for you
It's amazing what you can do with...

A Handy-Hubby with a chainsaw...

A modest bonfire...(or two)

A little bit of team work...

A wee piece of equiptment...

A hard working crew!!!

Here are the results!!

The shifting of out buildings
the general clean up of the yard has begun!!
just in time for the remaining clutter to vanish under the new snow!!

The Ugly 6 Sided Shed!!
THIS is the BEST!! :-)

Now you see it.....

Now you don't...

The Outhouse...Da Daaaa !!

Now it's HERE....

Now it's NOT !!

Oh...there it is again....
in a MUCH prettier place :):):)

The Driveway...
How sweet :)

The new gravel (& snow) covered driveway!!
BEFORE the hill as you come in :):):)
No more "near misses" !!!

the Supervisor of the entire project!!

aka: WBWB
(Welly Belly Wiggle Bums)

Who I might add, looks like he is fading into the new snow like the remaining yard clutter !!


Not bad for a weekend's effort!!


That's it for know


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet my OTHER children...

I'd like to introduce you to my other children...

The Dancing Paws

The Dancing Paws have been living in rather crowded quarters & with the arrival of the twins human puppy dogs, little time has been available to rectify this!! We've been busy building a home for us...time to build a home for my OTHER children...

Here we go!!!

This is the new 18' by 40' space :) Enough for all 7 of my huskies!!! It's been cleared. We took out 26 trees, bucked them up & burned off the brush... & now we've (er' Sean has) loaded & leveled it with gravel!!

Problem is the frost has set in now so, getting the posts in for the fencing could get interesting!! :(

Ivy, Beatle, & Spruce are all pretty excited about the activity around here as of late...they know SOMETHING is up...

I just LOVE Beatles Blue eye :) Sean keeps trying to bargain with me to claim her as his own..."No way buddy...I agreed to marry you, but I have my limits!!"

AlPine is as pretty as can be but don't let her good looks fool you...she has one BIG attitude!! She loves her human to bits but thinks she rules the girls' that she shares a kennel with!!

Beatle Bug isn't hyper...Nooooooooooo!!!! wiggle waggle pounce pounce pounce! odd looking gal but sweeeeet! I can see her being a cabin dweller one day! She gets one of the prime real-estate lots in the new pen...Those are reserved for Leaders!!

Spruce is a giant! A gentle giant!! Oh...I can't wait to play with her in the new spot!!
Ivy has to go to higher ground to avoid getting picked on 1/2 of the time! She'll finally get some peace of mind when they are finally staked out with their own food bowls & houses!!

Beatle says..."It's all about MEEEEEE"

Jack is such a sweetie....I can't wait to spend quality time with this guy :) Right now Jack & Cedar are separated from the rest of my team (tucked away with Sean's dogs...poor fellas'...oops...did I actually type that out loud??)...soon that will be fixed! YAHOO!!!

Here's Taz...NOT one of my Dancing Paws but a cutie-pie none the less! And she does live here....In fact she more Human than Husky!!
So you've met a few of my "Other Children"...notice the family resemblance?? I'm not so sure where they get their stellar looks from...Sean or myself!!

And here is Sean...more husky than Human...I mean...more lovable than most humans...ya...that's what I meant ;-)

Heck I married him...he MUST be lovable!!

& besides...HE is the one doing all of the hard labour around this place lately!! & it's because of Sean that my dogs will finally be living in the nicest part of the dog yard in the very near future!!

Thanks Honey...You're the BEST!!

& we can't forget the "Puppy Dogs"...aka

Daddy's little helpers ;-)