Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to ... wintery world :)

At the end of my driveway there is a sign that reads, "Fast Dogs"

The yard is home to the "Dancing Paws" too but THAT sign has yet to be created...Hummm one day...At least for now, their pen is built!!

Beside the sign is the lamp post...well, maybe a lamp, without it's post ;) But, post or not, it looks glorious on a cold winter's night, burning for friends!!

This would be "Gee" out of my Driveway (Gee is musher talk for Right).
Down at the bottom of this rather long hill, and waaay off down the flat...lives our neighbour...She is a sweet soul & the one I believe my dogs went to visit earlier today when they were off exploring...What little rascals!!

This would be "haw" & yes, you guessed it, that would be "Left" in Musher talk!!I absolutely NEVER get sick of this view!! These are the very mountains that my old cast iron tub use to face when it was on the front step...ahhhh...I miss my outdoor tub & especially in winter!! No bugs & warm water up to your's like a temporary ticket to Heaven!!

You just have to love these pesty fellas! The Magpie is one of my favourite birds in the Yukon! They are SO exotic looking with their long iridescent tails & the shocking white & black markings!!

Evidence of the woodpeckers in our garden!!
All summer long we heard them hammering away....It took till the leaves were gone to see exactly where the sound was coming from!

And then there is Raven...the King of feathered Friends!
I'd be lost without the playful gulking, of this sizable fellow, in our kennel!
Oh how he loves nothing better than to tease the sled dogs!!

Dormant willow for another season

Fresh snow on fencing....I happy sight for all that live here!

Oats grow from the old straw pile, just down the drive...
No wonder Mable's horses love to visit our yard!!
Well the pile is quiet now for another winter...
Next summer I'll turn it a few times & try to compost what is there!!
Who knows, maybe I can grow something other than the odd oat stock !!

Foxtail Grass is extremely dangerous for the dogs! They can lose an eye or, even life it's self, to this nasty yet beautiful plant!!
In winter's light, it really does look harmless, does it??

I love to walk about my property this time of year to see what awesome things are about, whether awesome is the smile of a dog, the playfulness of the birds, the urgent bustle of mini critters, or the crystals of winter...

I then love to nestle back into my cabin, with cozy slippers on by the wood stove...

...where the warming sound of family fills the space.


Katrina said...

those wern't new pictures of puppies were they?!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Katrina - Nope!! My camera broke so all of these photos are from old stuff...some older than others ;) The dark pup is Spruce & the cream is either Alpine, Cedar or Jack...those three are all identical...even today they are hard to tell apart! The rest are from the last few weeks!It's fun seeing their puppy photos!

Anonymous said...

You have taken some beautiful pictures Heather and those two little dolls of yours make me wish I was there to give them both a cuddle. They grow up far too quickly. Marilynn

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Thanks Marilynn!! I love playing with my camera...well...until I broke it the other day!! I also LOVE taking photos of my girls because, like you pointed out, they seem to change so fast...I was looking at there new born pics the other day...Were they really THAT small?? Now they are almost walking! I'd better have a new camera before THAT happens!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

You guys have a gorgeous piece of property. How much are you on?

The one thing I really dislike is living in town. For the first part of my life I lived on 8 sections of land! (Family farmed north of Fort St. John). Then for the rest I lived on a 1/4 section. That felt small until I had to live in town. But with Matt's job being on call so much, living out of town is not an option at this point. Sad.

Great picture of the Magpie! I love them as well. I love their scientific name even better- Pica pica! Just fun to say.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

We've only got 5 acres...I'd/We'd love to expand but we are blocked in by certain boundries like wild-life corridores...Funny, there is no one around us yet we are boxed in! How odd! Cool thing is that even though we live out of town, Sean is only about 8k to work, & me, about 4k when I'm working in we have the best of both worlds :)clost to town but away from the light polution!!

Re: Pica Pica...Pica is also the name of an eating disorder. The individual eats ineatable objects! How fitting for a scavenger!! LOL

Lenny's mom said...

Hey Heather
Your photos are awesome . . . .you may have another career in the works . . . great pics!!

It's so cool to see how the girls are growing & changing . . . thanks for sharing!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Thanks Jude! :):):) If you click on the 3rd & 4th last images, they look pretty cool full size!

It's not me or the camera, it's this place!! There is ALWAYS somesthing nifty to photograph!! & the both of the girls have the FitzGerald Family Gorgous Gene ;) so THEY are always a garenteed success in front of a lens!!