Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to do when you can't sleep...BLOG!!

I should be able to sleep
I had a full day. I had babies to tend. I cleaned the cabin. I baked Grandee's famous Brownies. I had Brenda over for lunch (made home made soup too). I hung my family photo gallery. I received a fabulous surprise parcel in the mail and it's not even Christmas! I made dinner (leftovers mind you) AND I played a quick game of Scrabble (losing by ONE point I might add, to my husband)
So Why, I ask, am I not sleeping ??
I've done the lying there thing. I've tossed & turned.
at 3:15,
I've given up!
So the only thing left to do is...

Here it goes!!
Favourite moments in my recent days...

Sean & Sarah home sick from the office...

The girls trying to figure out what happened to Baby Einstein ...

Me, learning how to drive the 4 wheeler!! "Look Ma, no hands!!"

Twin eggs gallor!

In fact FOUR sets in one week!!!

& before this, I'd NEVER seen one before!

Sean making me breakfast on our 1st anniversary...

Enid & Adelaide sharing a heart warming smile :)

My children surrounded by family & Friends!!

Sarah snuggling a puppy Great Aunt Mary gave her :)

Hanging out with Mum & a Giant Stuffed Dog!!


Hummm...4:31 a.m.
The head ache is setting in.
I think I might be tired...


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Love the pic of them in bed!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

:) It was SO cute...Sean was passed out & Sarah felt as horrible as him...I thought the two sickies should bond! The next day all 4 of us had the flue!