Sunday, October 5, 2008

A visit to their "My Martin's"

After a peaceful start to our Sunday morning...sleeping in, snuggling the mini-FitzGeralds under the covers, finally surfacing for coffee, being served bacon & eggs by my loving husband....I was off to deliver some home baking to Claire (our friend) and loads of baby clothes to Ella (our newest community member & 6 day old daughter of Rosemary). I got home with the intent to help Sean cut some trees on our dog trail & head to their My Martin's for a visit...but all I could do was crash! I felt like I'd been hit over the head with a 2x4 ! I was exhausted...into the playpen the kids went & Sean off on his own to clean up the trail...Upon his return we were to go to Martin's...again...I had NO energy! to Martin's went the FitzGerald family, minus ME :( It was off to bed for Mummy. An hour later I woke up feeling like a million bucks & ready to rock...except my family was GONE!!! Lucky for me I have my old Blazer!!! I hoped in & headed to my friend's cabin.....I COULD have stayed in bed, I COULD have had a hot bath, I COULD have opened a good book....I COULD have done any # of productive or selfish things BUT, I really wanted to be with my hubby & kids.......... ( it had nothing to do with wanting to play with Martin's new PUPPIES...HONEST!!!)

This is Martin's cabin

This is Dodds & me hanging out! "Find blood-lines", I say.
Just based on the fact that this dog is named after me, makes her a winner in my books!!

Dodds might live in Martin's yard (for now) but deep down, she'll always be MY girl ;-)

Sarah was totally focused on the wee pups!! It brings up a question...Another Musher in the family? How scary...

Another scary sight was THIS...the wood pile!!!
Martin has about 5 cords cut, split & stacked...We might have 5 pieces!!

& winter is on her way!!!

As I was ogling over Martin's wood stack, I caught the two boys ogling over babies through the back window of my car!! What a pair of softies!!!

After leaving Martin's yard we headed back to town in our separate vehicles...Part way there I got the great idea to dine out...MY treat!! Now WHO would say NO to that?? At the KPI we were served the best Roast Beef dinner I've eaten in the Yukon!! The chef even mashed carrots for the girls! WOW...not only was the food awesome but the service was stellar too!!

Sean & the girls waited with great anticipation.....

Adelaide's first time eating with a fork (with a helping hand from Mummy)

HUMMMM...Roast Beast!!
Well...fed & full, we finally headed down the road home :) The fire was warm & cozy upon our arrival...always a welcomed thing!
Sean promptly got our own beasts fed & with chores done for the day, he is now in for the night. It's time to get my girls into the tub & bundled off to bed so...
good night family & friends
(time to dream of splitting our own fire wood...)
Until next time...remember that we love & miss you...

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