Monday, October 27, 2008

So far today...


  1. Still snowing in the Junction!!
  2. 4 new inches over night / over a foot in total
  3. Puppies are BACK in their pen after a well planned break-out & romp to our neighbour's, in the glorious new snow!!
  4. Kids are up & HAPPILY munching on their Multi-Grain Cheerios
  5. Snow is STILL falling...
  6. Cabin is semi- tidy
  7. My camera is BROKEN :( I dropped it on my way out to see the dogs :(
  8. Still snowing !!!!!
  9. I'd take a picture of the new snow camera sadly is STILL BROKEN!!
  10. Looks like you're in for a series of OLD PHOTOS!! ... but not till nap time :)
  11. Oh by the way...did I mention that...

.......It's STILL SNOWING !!!!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Snowing over here too!!! We don't have as much on the ground as you guys do though.

Too bad about your camera! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh! I forgot to ask- are the girls identical twins? I have been curious! I think I would bawl my eyes out right now if I was going to have twins. You must have been so shocked to find out you were expecting two at once!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Kara...unfortunatly, the only thing that will fix this camera is a new one!

About the twins...they don't look identical but genetically we don't know! Twining is rather compicated! Much has been learned in recient years...Girls can be identical but look different, boys can't!! We have to have them tested to know, regardless if they look alike or not...odd but true!
And, for the record...I screamed when they said "Multiples"...then hyperventilated...but hay :) once I recovered from the news(a few months ago) & figured, I got it done all at once...& I think THAT is VERY cool!!