Sunday, October 26, 2008

While Sean's renovating the puppy pen...

...I'm inside re-arranging the other "puppy pen"

So here is the "Before"...

...and the "after"

...and more "after"
...but just a second ago it was SPOTLESS! What happened??
THIS is my genius way of hiding the heater so that the two little Rug-Rats can't turn it on any more & burn their little paws!!
I like THIS brilliant idea I came up with too!! I covered the baby gate with a blanket so that Sarah can't CLIMB it any more!! HA HA...I win this battle :)
These next 4 shots are of Sarah...
She made like a cat & headed straight for the snuggle area!!"Hummmmm.....something NEW & heck, I'm taller when I stand on this thing!!"
"Time for the cuddle test!"
"Hummm...& it's SOOOO Soft!!!"
" Ahhhhhh...Just right :):) "
& then there is Adelaide!!
"My Turn!!"

"Hummmmm....It LOOKS cozy...

Ahhhh...It IS cozy!!"

"Yup...STILL cozy"

"...but can I do head stands on it?? I can !! I can !! "

All tuckered out!!


here is the final seal of approval...

two beaming faces!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hunter is addicted to fleece blankets!! He has to sleep with one every night. Funny- when we put him down with one he rolls around with it, chews on it, and makes loving sounds at it. What a riot.

Matt was looking at the blog with me, and we both agree those are the cutest girls we have ever seen!!!!

allmycke said...

They are adorable!

dogsled_stacie said...

That last shot is GREAT!!!!