Thursday, March 27, 2008

Northern Lights!!

Not that a camera like mine can capture the Northern Lights but it was worth a shot!! Just the other day a family from Vermont stopped by for a dogsled ride...we didn't have the time to accommodate them, with the renovations and all, but then we couldn't say "No", so off Sean went with the dogs & some rather happy tourists in tow! They really hoped to see the Northern Lights during their Yukon stay...they left on Tuesday & these green & pink dancing lights took over the sky, flying in every direction, on Wednesday night (last night!) Sean Called for me to come outside just around midnight & we snuggled together for a good 20 minutes, until our feet grew too cold. We retired to bed! What an awesome sight & one I've missed all winter!
THIS is one of the reasons I choose to live here :)
I wish I could give you a better peek at what they REALLY look like...

I can't wait to see them again....

Spring is in the air!

My Mountains AKA The Saint Elias Mountain Range...Driving down my road :)
Isn't THAT hard to take??

Part of the view out my new window! I just live the spring icicles...& they make GREAT ice cubes for the odd wee dram of scotch :) If only spring could last all year long!

Grandee & Grandad got the girls moccasins,made by Marge Jackson, for Christmas...being on "Yukon Time & Indian Time" we got them this week!! They were well worth the wait though...They are a two year old size but we couldn't wait to try them on!! A bit big yet, don't you think? Ahhh...time will fly bye no doubt!!

Thanks Grandee & Grandad!! We LOVE them!!!

Nothing like an early morning snuggle with one of my best girls! :):)

This cozy scene took place after our fist night back in the cabin!! We camped out on the floor in the new living room because the bedrooms aren't ready for us yet but there was a full moon so we couldn't resist camping out under our new big windows!!

Here's a fuzzy pic of our full moon...I'm sure you get the idea :)

The girls tented beside our futon!!
Tent, compliments of Vanessa & Fischer!
Thanks buddies!!

It's SOOOOOO good to be home!!

Easter bundles!!

More of the Northern Lights from last night!! What a display...sorry if you missed it!!!

Sarah perfect Easter bundle!!

Adelaide Anne...Wow she's cute! And MINE!!!

Adelaide Anne & Sarah Grace with their Easter buddies!!

Peter Rabbit actually lives in MY garden!! See?? He visits us EVERY day!!

"There's no place like home"

A FitzGerald toast to our new & improved cabin in the wood!! Daddy FitzGerald has been as busy as can be preparing for his three girls! And his efforts shall be rewarded :) Would that be Scapa or Enfamil?

Daa Da !!! Our new living room with insulation, windows, flooring & PAINT!! Heck, there is even a furnace to be found!! We've got ALL the modern comforts in THIS room!!

Talk about modern you can find a fridge & stove to boot!! Did I mention the INSULATION???

As you can see the hard work is starting to pay off!! We finally get to enjoy family time in our own home!! There may be a few more nails to hammer & some flooring to lay but, we're getting there! & just like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home" :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Hard Day's Night

It's been a hard day for the FitzGerald family today.....The dogs continued to sit in the yard board to tears, Sean worked his hands (and knees) to the bone laying flooring & the twins went to the Nurses Station for their immunizations - 3 needles each!! OUCH!! Everyone is over tired sore & cranky!! Thank God the three of them have finally drifted off to sleep! Only problem is that Sean is snoring on the couch, Adelaide is in her swing chair & Sarah is snuggled into her crib on her TUMMY!!! In other words...they ALL have to be woken up !!!

I've tried to down load a mini video of them all in their various corners (Sean SNORING) but will Blogger allow me to down load anything tonight ?? Heck NO!! Oh well, Sean is spared from the world hearing him SNORE & YOU, the World, is spared from hearing him!! Even Wellington is crashed out on the floor fast asleep...

Maybe I'm missing something is it that the entire house is passed out but ME?? Oh ya...I have to wake up the girls to feed them...will they EVER stop eating??? You see, normally I'd not wake them but if they don't eat between 11 p.m. & midnight, they'll likely wake up by 2 or 3 a.m. demanding to be fed then...I'd rather deal with their protests NOW so that I can sleep through till morning!! Hummm...let me think this one through..... They cried all afternoon, they are asleep now, they've had a full dose of tylonel...hummmmm.....I'm fried & it's 12:15 a.m. To heck with routine..........let the lot of them sleep (with a quick flip of Sarah!!).....


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yukon Couture !!

Auntie Eileen (who happens to live in Tuscany Italy) made sure that Adelaide & Sarah have just what all little dog mushing girls need in the Yukon...
Italian leather purses!!
It's Yukon Couture!! It's their friend, their shopping companion, a statement about who they are!!
So why does their Mother not have one??? Hay, come to think of it, their Mother doesn't even own a fake leather purse these days!! But we won't go there right now.
I can picture it now...
shopping days in Whitehorse / Vancouver / Toronto / Rome
$ $ $ Daddy & his THREE precious girls $ $ $
Poor fella...
Now dear Cousin Courtney, you can look, you can touch, but the purses HAVE to return to the Yukon!!!
Adelaide Anne models for us today:
"Yukon couture"....coveralls & Italian leather!
The coveralls are a must in the dog yard & the purse,
a must in her dogsled-bag when running the Yukon Quest !
With Zio (Uncle) Marcello as her dog handler, of course!!

Notice the accent flowers, as the purple hue of the leather gently draws your eye to the delicate design of Adelaide's Yukon Warm Fuzzy Sleeper!

Sarah Grace puts on her...

"Oh Daddy, what do you mean the credit card is maxed out??" look as she clutches her stunning burgundy handbag that just so happens to set off the softness of her pink suit.

& then her ...

"Oh Daddy, I know...what about my OWN credit card???" with her , "I'll win him over" baby eyes...

Just wait till they are old enough to be dressed in Carharts, wear their Tilley's & carry their leather purses! What a photo op THAT will be!! Oh Eileen, what HAVE you done to Sean & me!!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Hugs to Colleen & Lesley!!

Colleen & Lesley collaborated on these two beautiful blankets & presented them to the girls when we were in Vancouver this winter! Not only are they cuddly but they are cheerful too! Sean loves them but does have one criticism..."They are too small !!" Well Girls, I think that is his way of saying that HE wants one HIS size!! Maybe that is a fall project I can undertake :)

I guess I should have posted a picture of SEAN snuggled under one of the blankets

In the mean time, these colourful treasures are a welcome addition to our home. In the next two weeks we move into our cabin & it is something that we've been waiting seems like it's been forever since we lived at home!!The nursery is painted & almost ready for Adelaide & Sarah to take it over! When it comes to moving back, that is the highlight for me, seeing my girls in their very own special room that Sean built for them!!!
As you can see, I've had fun taking pictures of SLEEPING babies snuggled under their skookum blankets :) SOOOO was it the SLEEPING part or the blanket part that was so appealing ;) Hummmmm....tough question :) Those blankets ARE cute but we are talking TWINS & SLEEP in the same breath now!!!

But seriously :)
THANKS Colleen !!THANKS Lesley!!
The girls send warm snugly hugs to both of you :)

Adelaide & Sarah's Nursery


The best part of our cabin renovations isn't the running water or the indoor tub. It's not the insulated floors or the big fancy picture windows. Heck it's not even the talk of a future indoor toilet...thought all of this is AMAZING & much appreciated...
the best part is the Nursery!!!
Who would have ever though that I, Heather Ann, would ever have need for a nursery?? But here I am a new Mum!! When the kids came early I wasn't able to set up their room by myself so some very dear friends did their best (and a remarkable job) to have a beautiful room waiting for my girls when I got them home from hospital!
Now that the cabin is close to moving into condition, I get to do my own nursery now :) Stacie came over last weekend & helped with the painting (of walls & of me!!)!! The floor should be installed by week's end!! Things are moving along nicely!! In fact, TJ (my baby sister) is sending up a crib & it's trimmings :):) This crib was purchased some 20 years ago by our big sister, Tori. Since Tori's two children slept in it, Kim's (my brother's) three kids slept in it, and TJ's son did too...why not mine?? 3000 miles shouldn't stand in the way of family tradition, right?? So, by May, my children will dream in the same bed as their cousins did!! How amazing!!
With the help of friends & family, near & far, my dream of a babies' room is finally coming true!!
I've supplied the babies!! ;)

Stacie taping in preparation of painting!!!

You've got to know that if I ever get pregnant again, I won't dare fit through this door!! Because the studs support the roof, none could be removed to make a proper opening! It's narrow enough to pose it's future challenges but it does serve to add character to a fun little cabin & our "home" ;)

& she said... "It'll wash out" !!

Not that either of us really cared if it would or not...we were having fun!!

Then again I think Stacie was all about "getting even" for the nice job I did on her face!!!! hehehe In the end...Sean & I, with the help of TJ and Stacie, are creating a gorgeous (albeit tiny) room for Adelaide & Sarah! We move into the cabin in just two weeks & will survive without furnishings until they arrive in May!! What a day THAT will be!! It's all I can think about!!

Cheers :)

PS: I wonder if the pups will ever make it onto this blog as intended??

The window!!

Daddy & Adelaide share a moment in the sunlight provided by Grandee & Grandad!
The Silversled hat doesn't quite fit now...but one day it will Daddy!!

Grandee & Grandad bought us this new window!! What a gift!! We'd have been looking through a piece of plastic for a long time without their help!! Now, we have sunlight & a mountain view!! Well, the mountains are a bit obscured today by the clouds BUT, the light is incredible & the bunnies have entertained us for hours already! Heck, maybe we'll even increase our vitamin D !? I'm thinking that with kiddie fingers & dog noses at just the right height...first paid chore will be window cleaning!!!!!
Wellington is SO excited about this new addition to the cabin! It's like the "dog channel" on TV! There are bunnies to watch & birds to quiver about...It's the most fun a Springer can have without going outside into the cold & wild!!
Sarah & her "My Martin" take in the view with Lord Wellington of Haines Junction :)

These two girls seem to have it all figured out... they have their Daddy & Their My Martin wrapped around their tiny little fingers! The beer is left to go warm while the wee ones are being snuggled! They are getting more attention than the new window!!! WOW...I'm impressed!!
Hey...We are getting closer to our move in date!!!!!

Buddies forever :)

Now THIS is adorable!!
Not to mention a dream come true :)
I honestly never thought I'd see the day Wellington would be hanging out with my little one, let alone, my little TWO!!

Nothing could be more perfect!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally ... Updated!!

Adelaide & Sarah made a bunch of new friends yesterday!! We'll tell you all about it later but right now they are hungry AGAIN & Daddy & I are taking them to a special fun day in 47 minutes (but who's counting??)
Ahhh.....We are having a fun weekend :):):)

So here is the update

It was kids' fun day at Stacie's! She & Ray took munchkins from age 8 years to 4 weeks old for dog sled rides & skiing (both with & without dogs!!) I don't know who had more fun...the kids or the grown-ups!! I took TONS of photos but they are at the camera shop 1/2 lost on a defective memory card...I was sick as I watch them quickly disappear. I hope Michael at the shop can reclaim them for me! This is the second time in a week that the card as messed up :( With the shop being 100 miles away it is less than convenient! In the mean least I can explain these :)

Elis, Sarah & Adelaide snuggle in Stacie's skookum sprint sled!! Elis is only 4 weeks old & yet she is the same size as the twins at 4 months!!

Stacie's dogs were curious about the squawking "puppies" in the sled! The "puppies" seemed oblivious fo the dogs!

Ray & I didn't want to disturb the sleeping babies so ... we simply brought them into the cabin :):):) We wondered if Stacie would notice ...

Four dear friends enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun...