Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grandee & Grandad got the girls moccasins,made by Marge Jackson, for Christmas...being on "Yukon Time & Indian Time" we got them this week!! They were well worth the wait though...They are a two year old size but we couldn't wait to try them on!! A bit big yet, don't you think? Ahhh...time will fly bye no doubt!!

Thanks Grandee & Grandad!! We LOVE them!!!

Nothing like an early morning snuggle with one of my best girls! :):)

This cozy scene took place after our fist night back in the cabin!! We camped out on the floor in the new living room because the bedrooms aren't ready for us yet but there was a full moon so we couldn't resist camping out under our new big windows!!

Here's a fuzzy pic of our full moon...I'm sure you get the idea :)

The girls tented beside our futon!!
Tent, compliments of Vanessa & Fischer!
Thanks buddies!!

It's SOOOOOO good to be home!!

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