Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yukon Couture !!

Auntie Eileen (who happens to live in Tuscany Italy) made sure that Adelaide & Sarah have just what all little dog mushing girls need in the Yukon...
Italian leather purses!!
It's Yukon Couture!! It's their friend, their shopping companion, a statement about who they are!!
So why does their Mother not have one??? Hay, come to think of it, their Mother doesn't even own a fake leather purse these days!! But we won't go there right now.
I can picture it now...
shopping days in Whitehorse / Vancouver / Toronto / Rome
$ $ $ Daddy & his THREE precious girls $ $ $
Poor fella...
Now dear Cousin Courtney, you can look, you can touch, but the purses HAVE to return to the Yukon!!!
Adelaide Anne models for us today:
"Yukon couture"....coveralls & Italian leather!
The coveralls are a must in the dog yard & the purse,
a must in her dogsled-bag when running the Yukon Quest !
With Zio (Uncle) Marcello as her dog handler, of course!!

Notice the accent flowers, as the purple hue of the leather gently draws your eye to the delicate design of Adelaide's Yukon Warm Fuzzy Sleeper!

Sarah Grace puts on her...

"Oh Daddy, what do you mean the credit card is maxed out??" look as she clutches her stunning burgundy handbag that just so happens to set off the softness of her pink suit.

& then her ...

"Oh Daddy, I know...what about my OWN credit card???" with her , "I'll win him over" baby eyes...

Just wait till they are old enough to be dressed in Carharts, wear their Tilley's & carry their leather purses! What a photo op THAT will be!! Oh Eileen, what HAVE you done to Sean & me!!



Lenny's mom said...

Love the pics!! Oh, you two are in for sooooooo much fun as these girls get older!! :) :) :) :)

Check out Lenny's blog - I got the video clip to load - oh wait - have to finish writing it! Check it in a few days - should be updated.

Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha! Too funny! Those bags'll come in really handy for carrying dog booties.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hay Jude - 25 short sleeps till our dog walk!!

Michael - & stylish booties at that!! Hay...Italian Leather booties perhaps?? I'm not sure if Auntie Eileen would approve but they ARE in a mushing family after all!! hee hee hee

Meandering Michael said...

As long as the booties don't have 3" stiletto heels, why not?