Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bird Fest!!

One of the things about my community that is so incredible is, the people! So what does THAT have to do with BIRDS?? Well, it's simple. Elsabe lives in my community. She & I moved to the North around the same time & we became friends :) I might add that Elsabe keeps flying outside to do extremely cool things like playing fiddle on the Fred Eaglesmith trains!! This keeps her in the perpetual role of the "Cheechalko". I, on the other hand, lead a less adventurous life style therefore became a "Sourdough" on day 365!! But I digress... Elsabe is an amazing Birder. You should hear her bird calling!! Knowing that I am nursing twins and relegated to my recliner on gorgeous Yukon days, (the recliner was donated by yet another amazing community neighbour & friend) Elsabe brought over this beautiful bird feeder post & loaded it up with seed! She did this so that I would have something visual & beautiful to carry me away during the long hours of nursing!
Here are the results:)
This is Harry. He stopped by for a quick visit the other day - Didn't stay long but his cheeriness was worth an afternoon of recliner based smiles!
The Red-Poles are migrating right now & my feeder is a fabulous resting spot!

One day last week, there were so many of these little friends hovering & fluttering around the seed sock that they resembled something like a bee-hive! Never have I seen so many birds in one spot. At times, all you could see were feathers & NO seed sock!! Did I have batteries in my camera at the time?? Heck no...proving that many of the Yukon's magical moments are only meant for those of us who dare to live here :)
Thanks Elsabe, you're one heck of a gal!!


Fawn said...

Wow! Fabulous shots! Obviously the batteries were in the camera at least some of the time! Thanks for sharing.

I love birds, but I hate having to clean up the sunflower shells. This sock looks neat, like maybe it's some other kind of feed in there. Maybe something not as message as sunflowers? You must let me know! I found that at our last house, when we put in mixed seed, the grosbeaks would come and pick out all the sunflower seeds and leave the rest, so it was even messier. I eventually gave up and put in pure sunflower seeds. But I hated the mess.

Lenny's mom said...

Wow! Awesome pics! Birds in the winter as just as cheering as the first flowers in spring!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Fawn: Thanks :) I think all bird seed is messy no matter what you do. This stuff (Neiger) is really tiny & slips through the meshing (Walmart product) Back in Ontario I use to love watching for sunflowers to come up...I found out last summer that the season isn't long enough for them to grow here :( Oh well, maybe I'll find some other interesting grass growing this year! ....My big battle is keeping Freddie, the local tree squirel, from getting all of the seed before the birds do!!! He's already broken 3 of my wooden feeders!
Hay there Judy! Hi Lenny!! What is cool about bird watching up here is that the birds are often very different from the ones I'm use to seeing in Ontario! There are SO many to learn about!!!!!

Yippie! Our flights are booked!!!

Lenny's mom said...

Woohoooo!!!! When are you all arriving in Ont??