Thursday, March 27, 2008

"There's no place like home"

A FitzGerald toast to our new & improved cabin in the wood!! Daddy FitzGerald has been as busy as can be preparing for his three girls! And his efforts shall be rewarded :) Would that be Scapa or Enfamil?

Daa Da !!! Our new living room with insulation, windows, flooring & PAINT!! Heck, there is even a furnace to be found!! We've got ALL the modern comforts in THIS room!!

Talk about modern you can find a fridge & stove to boot!! Did I mention the INSULATION???

As you can see the hard work is starting to pay off!! We finally get to enjoy family time in our own home!! There may be a few more nails to hammer & some flooring to lay but, we're getting there! & just like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home" :)

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Lenny's mom said...

Wow! Your place looks awesome . . .and it's all your own space!! How awesome is that?!!

There isn't a DD event when the Fitzgeralds are in ON, but there will be a DD class . . . .Thurs Apr 17th . . .pen it in!! I would love for you to see Lenny in action!! You arrive in ON Apr 11, is that right?
Can't wait to see you all again!! Wooohooooooooo!!!!