Friday, March 14, 2008

The window!!

Daddy & Adelaide share a moment in the sunlight provided by Grandee & Grandad!
The Silversled hat doesn't quite fit now...but one day it will Daddy!!

Grandee & Grandad bought us this new window!! What a gift!! We'd have been looking through a piece of plastic for a long time without their help!! Now, we have sunlight & a mountain view!! Well, the mountains are a bit obscured today by the clouds BUT, the light is incredible & the bunnies have entertained us for hours already! Heck, maybe we'll even increase our vitamin D !? I'm thinking that with kiddie fingers & dog noses at just the right height...first paid chore will be window cleaning!!!!!
Wellington is SO excited about this new addition to the cabin! It's like the "dog channel" on TV! There are bunnies to watch & birds to quiver about...It's the most fun a Springer can have without going outside into the cold & wild!!
Sarah & her "My Martin" take in the view with Lord Wellington of Haines Junction :)

These two girls seem to have it all figured out... they have their Daddy & Their My Martin wrapped around their tiny little fingers! The beer is left to go warm while the wee ones are being snuggled! They are getting more attention than the new window!!! WOW...I'm impressed!!
Hey...We are getting closer to our move in date!!!!!

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