Saturday, March 8, 2008

Finally ... Updated!!

Adelaide & Sarah made a bunch of new friends yesterday!! We'll tell you all about it later but right now they are hungry AGAIN & Daddy & I are taking them to a special fun day in 47 minutes (but who's counting??)
Ahhh.....We are having a fun weekend :):):)

So here is the update

It was kids' fun day at Stacie's! She & Ray took munchkins from age 8 years to 4 weeks old for dog sled rides & skiing (both with & without dogs!!) I don't know who had more fun...the kids or the grown-ups!! I took TONS of photos but they are at the camera shop 1/2 lost on a defective memory card...I was sick as I watch them quickly disappear. I hope Michael at the shop can reclaim them for me! This is the second time in a week that the card as messed up :( With the shop being 100 miles away it is less than convenient! In the mean least I can explain these :)

Elis, Sarah & Adelaide snuggle in Stacie's skookum sprint sled!! Elis is only 4 weeks old & yet she is the same size as the twins at 4 months!!

Stacie's dogs were curious about the squawking "puppies" in the sled! The "puppies" seemed oblivious fo the dogs!

Ray & I didn't want to disturb the sleeping babies so ... we simply brought them into the cabin :):):) We wondered if Stacie would notice ...

Four dear friends enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun...

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Lenny's mom said...

Hey, great pics!!!
April 11!!! Wooohoooooo!!!! How long are you guys staying in ON this time? Hope we can get to have a few good visits & some walks with the dogs.
I'm having trouble uploading video clips from my camera (also can't email them) I think b/c it makes Quiktime movies (.mov) How do you get your video clips on the blog?
Any help would be appreciated!
Love Jude