Friday, March 14, 2008

Adelaide & Sarah's Nursery


The best part of our cabin renovations isn't the running water or the indoor tub. It's not the insulated floors or the big fancy picture windows. Heck it's not even the talk of a future indoor toilet...thought all of this is AMAZING & much appreciated...
the best part is the Nursery!!!
Who would have ever though that I, Heather Ann, would ever have need for a nursery?? But here I am a new Mum!! When the kids came early I wasn't able to set up their room by myself so some very dear friends did their best (and a remarkable job) to have a beautiful room waiting for my girls when I got them home from hospital!
Now that the cabin is close to moving into condition, I get to do my own nursery now :) Stacie came over last weekend & helped with the painting (of walls & of me!!)!! The floor should be installed by week's end!! Things are moving along nicely!! In fact, TJ (my baby sister) is sending up a crib & it's trimmings :):) This crib was purchased some 20 years ago by our big sister, Tori. Since Tori's two children slept in it, Kim's (my brother's) three kids slept in it, and TJ's son did too...why not mine?? 3000 miles shouldn't stand in the way of family tradition, right?? So, by May, my children will dream in the same bed as their cousins did!! How amazing!!
With the help of friends & family, near & far, my dream of a babies' room is finally coming true!!
I've supplied the babies!! ;)

Stacie taping in preparation of painting!!!

You've got to know that if I ever get pregnant again, I won't dare fit through this door!! Because the studs support the roof, none could be removed to make a proper opening! It's narrow enough to pose it's future challenges but it does serve to add character to a fun little cabin & our "home" ;)

& she said... "It'll wash out" !!

Not that either of us really cared if it would or not...we were having fun!!

Then again I think Stacie was all about "getting even" for the nice job I did on her face!!!! hehehe In the end...Sean & I, with the help of TJ and Stacie, are creating a gorgeous (albeit tiny) room for Adelaide & Sarah! We move into the cabin in just two weeks & will survive without furnishings until they arrive in May!! What a day THAT will be!! It's all I can think about!!

Cheers :)

PS: I wonder if the pups will ever make it onto this blog as intended??


Lenny's mom said...

How exciting for you guys . . . moving back into your own space . . . congrats!! Keep the pics coming . . .love to check on the progress.
Heather, I do use the video icon to upload, but they won't . . .I think it has something to do with the file type, but haven't been able to figure it out as yet. Hopefully, someday I'll get clips of the leapin maniac up on his blog!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hay there Jude!!
Wish I was computer savy enough to help you out :( I'm something of a ludite!! Sean is the wizard! & ya...this IS all exciting :) You should come up & see this place for yourself!