Monday, December 6, 2010

For The Love of Fur!!!
Most of you know about my newest obsession
but perhaps you have never seen
what a Leonberger actually looks like!
And Yes Mum & Dad, YOU are to blame for this!
YOU are the ones who raised me with Saints...
Surely you knew, at the time, that at least ONE of us
would carry on the tradition....
It is not by choice so much as it is genetics!
Apparently you passed on the Big Dog Gene ;)
Meet Seelowen's Glorious Summer
My hopes lie in Summer producing a fine
show girl for me this summer!

Meet Seelowen's Grand Chinook
Chinook is Summer's full blood brother...isn't he yummy??
These photos are not mine (obviously!)
but they are ones that I have saved in my Leo File
and I look at them often!
Below are my photos...
not great shots but AWESOME dogs :)

These three Leos moved to town recently & I had the
great pleasure of meeting them them Sunday night!
I'd happily take all of them home
but I think their Mum
would have something to say about that!
Guess I'll have to wait for my very own puppy
& what an exciting day THAT will be !

This is only the begining of THIS topic...
By the way...
I even have names picked out for my future Leo Girl !
But THAT you will have to wait on ;)

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