Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's MY turn!!

Daddy has been having all of the fun posting pics of my little girls & telling stories. Now it's MY turn!!! Without being too wordy (it's ME remember) Let me start from the beginning.....

It all started in Fort St. John BC when some degenerate rear ended my LEASED car....He totalled my two extremely expensive bikes & trashed my car!! Two days later I arrived in the Yukon. My first outing was to get an appraisal at the local bike shop.
At the counter was a long-haired guy picking up his wheels...I was a bit punchy with the humor that day & trying hard not to cry AGAIN over the loss of my bikes! Next thing I know I'm in a conversation with my first Yukoner!! Now remember, I'm a city girl right? Sooooo....Just LOOK at this guys truck! How was I to know this was considered NORMAL ??

Now...If you could just imagine...Heather in the Yukon (her life long dream) talking to a Dog Musher & Wellington at her side! He invites her to go dog mushing "when the snow flies"...And it's only day ONE in the North!! I was in need of a friend & he was falling in love! In love with WELLINGTON that is.....That dog of mine IS rather cute, don't you think?? Seven days later I called him...the Snow wasn't flying, but like I said, I needed a friend. The fella seemed safe enough & friendly to boot. "What the heck", I thought! A few weeks later we were buying hiking boots together (our first date). A few weeks after that, it was a fine bottle of Balvenie Doublewood (note: Never consume fine scotch with a man unless you know he's a keeper!!) And within the next month to follow he was running over the front end of my LEAST & RECENTLY REPAIRED car!!

Skipping a few details like the big move when we started to co-habitat....our first winter together was -40 with next to no insulation in the cabin...had I lost my mind?? Or how about that first dogsled race I entered....God, my cheeks hurt & no, not from the cold, from smiling! I never stopped grinning all day! There were the visits from Joanne & then my parents & next was Jon! Friends & family alike, fell in love with this new man of mine & the backwoods lifestyle I'd adopted!! Now look at me! Oh...did I mention, he married me too!!!!! So Sean FitzGerald & I are parents. Those adorable little bundles of joy are MINE oops...I mean OURS!!

I still have no indoor toilet ... well ... actually I DO... it's a 5 gallon pail with a toilet seat. That's an upgrade from the metal grain bucket I had before kids! We have insulation now in MOST of the cabin...running water is to be a future option (right now the system is frozen) My plumbing is a pipe to the back yard & my bath tub is outside (soon to be moved indoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The tub has also been upgraded. I WAS using a Rubbermaid storage I have an old cast iron claw tub. We pulled it out of the bone yard in the back where it has been rusting out for years!

So let the tales of our crazy Yukon life together begin...I, for one, can hardly wait! ;)

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