Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cousins, Aunts & Uncles

Family is everything & sharing the twins with both Sean's & my relatives was an incredible thing!! I can't explain what it felt like to watch every one shower my two little girls with so much love & unspoken acceptance...We are truly lucky to have the family we do...Everyone should be so blessed!
Judy, I think was is "Love at first sight"

Home is where my cousins are & cousin Vicki sure is fun to cuddle with :)

Aunt Mary's home is a place to be...family, dogs, apple pie & afghans!! Does it get any better??

Now THIS is our Aunt Maureen !!! We think SHE should move to the Yukon !!!!! We'd even chop her wood to keep her warm & then we'd snuggle under an Aunt Mary afghan with her while we watch the Northern Lights together!!!Now Aunt Maureen, we wouldn't offer that to just anybody ya know!!

Uncle Bill!!!!!!! We are scheming up something for our next visit! :)

MORE food???

Meet Sarah & Sarah...Can YOU see the family resemblance??

"Courtney is such a cool cousin!! When I grow up I'm going to be just like her...

....smart & beautiful !!"

Hey Cameron...how did you get so big while I was gone??

1/2 boy 1/2 husky...sounds like MY kind of kid!!

perfect moments

Two for two

Ahhh...William, you are a great kid! I miss you so much!! Remember, you have a date to go dog mushing with me (your Auntie Heather) I can't wait!!!!!

...and AGAIN??? When will the eating ever stop???

Aunt Karen, you do suit a baby in your arms ;) But THESE little bundles belong in the Yukon!!

Someone raided Grandee's stash!!! Can you guess who might be the guilty ones???

Uncle Kim's a natural isn't he?? The perfect guy...Great brother, awesome Dad & snuggly Uncle!! Who could ask for more??
Sailing for a dog

sled ride...fair trade??

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judy vodden said...

Hi Heather & Sean,
Great pics!! Nice to "meet" your parents. I love seeing pics of of the babies and your family & how everyone is coming along . . . you are both good writers . . . makes for very interesting reading.
Love Jude