Wednesday, February 6, 2008

& on to something new...BABIES :):):)

Sarah Grace & Adelaide Anne
On Monday, late afternoon, Sean & I drove the girls to Whitehorse. Here, you see them sleeping peacefully in their playpen at the Westmark ! What an amazing thing to do, drive to Whitehorse!! When you live in the big city centres, there is little to be amazed by other than the ever growing population & the vastness of the 401 (or whatever highway you happen to be on).... HERE, driving 100 miles to the Dr's office or to the grocery store is a treat. On route we were side by side with the largest bull elk we've ever seen. He was charging along the side of the highway, seemingly in distress. Was he being pursued, perhaps by a pack of wolves?? Who knows what had him on the run...we just know that in Vancouver or Toronto he wouldn't run along side your vehicle, stopping only briefly to dip his magnificent nose in the snow for a drink! I hope that bull escaped from what chased, but than again, wolves are just as amazing & beautiful & they need to eat too!
I DID try to take a video of our Bull Elk as he charged on but, the batteries in my camera died as I hit "play"...It's just as well because I took in this incredible sight with my naked eyes instead of through a lens. What a magical'll just have to trust me on this one :)

My new favourite toy.....besides the babies, that is :) Thanks to family & friends, The girls & I will soon be mobile!! Just as soon as the weather warms up, that is :):):)

-40 is still a bit chilly for an out door walk so Sean decided to take the girls for a tour of the house we are stay in... Well done Dad :) You got your exercise & got the girls to sleep all with in a 30 foot area..impressive!!

By the way, that is ME in there :)

While Daddy Sean was busy playing with the new Chariot, I was bundling up to go join the local quilting group :) Val thought I resemble a YOU see it??

Ahhh...what a relief to get out & about :) I had a blast with the girls & then came home to sleeping babies (still in their new chariot!!) & a cooked moose steak waiting for me...God love the man I married :):):)

It's 1:20 a.m. & time for sleep but I need to feed babies & they aren't hungry! wake or not to wake, that is the question!!

Not to wake :) Good night friends & family :)

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