Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day

Sean announced his plans for Valentine's Day!! He was going to spend the day with his 3 girls :) Given the fact that he is at the cabin every day working hard to get it read for us to return home...we get very little family time these days SO, I was one happy gal with this news!!
The day started with the early rising of our babies...Once they'd had their breakfast it was our turn!! Eggs, toast, juice & a yummy piece of chocolate :):):) with fresh coffee to wash it all down with! Sounds like our regular weekend start pre-babies (minus the chocolate) but we've not had a family breakfast since they were born!! I really miss this lost part of our routine & look forward to reinstating it once we move home!!

After we cleaned up, two of the women from the Child Development Centre arrived to meet the twins. We visited for about 2 hours, talking about, what else but, baby stuff!! Sean & I loved the visit & found the information provided, to be of great interest!! We look forward to our new relationship with the folks who work there, as we grow as a family!!
The meeting behind us, it was off to Stacie's & Ray's place for a Valentine's Day Afternoon!
We were packed... we were on the road...& THIS is what we saw...

Three stunning beasts soaking in the sun on the side of the highway! All Bull Elk & all beautiful, seaming to enjoy the warm weather & the brightness of the day like the rest of us :)

What an amazing place at live!!
What amazing creatures
What an an amazing Valentine's Day gift!!
So...they laughed when we arrived with our luggage in tow!
"Clear out the cabin, the FitzGerald's are moving in!!"
WOW it's amazing how much stuff you have to pack to go for a simple visit to a friend's house!! It's as much work as loading up the dog truck to go to a race!!

Adelaide, hanging out with Stacie...

Sarah, hanging out with Daddy...

Racie & Stay seem to have this whole baby thing down-pat !!

Racie & her Mum had a surprise waiting for us on this special day...
Two adorable sweat shirts ...
There IS a baby in there!!
"Give it a few months - we'll grow into them yet!!"

What a day...
What a HAPPY day :):)

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