Saturday, February 9, 2008

A few of the reasons why I live in the Yukon

In the Yukon you never know what will be waiting for you around the next corner SO you should always carry a camera & your trusty bear spray!!!!!
Not that EVERY day brings out the wild but, when it does...there is nothing like it!! I'll have to look for some of my other wildlife shots & post them one of these days :) I've got a few awesome ones of the elk & the bison from along my travels! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the few shots here :)

Here is a Mama Black Bear(who is actually black!!). She was with her 3 year old cub. She wasn't too impressed with him. She chased him off a few times when he tried to enjoy the same anthill!! What a sight!

And here is the poor fella, who coudn't understand why his Mum was upset with him!!
Don't you just LOVE those ears?

The little guy thought he was hiding behind that blade of grass :)

"I bet you can't see me THIS time!!"

Notice the beautiful cinnamon's something that I LOVE about our Yukon Black Bears! Back in Ontario, I was always accustom to Black Bears only being BLACK!!

Now THERE is a BIG PAW...suddenly this cub looked less like a cub!!

This baby was far more accommodating than his Mum when it came to posing for photos..

Here is Mum!! NOT a happy looking bear!! It was time to move on & leave her in peace!!

This is Freddy. He drove us NUTS screeching from a tree just outside our cabin window & hucking objects at him only made matters worse, instead of chasing him away!! It went on every morning for DAYS! Finally we caught him, marked the back of his neck with a dab of brown paint (note the mark on the back of his neck - for identification) and released him across the river! Poor Freddy was SO upset about being taken from his home that he ran up my leg when we released him. I think he was trying to beg for forgiveness so that we'd take him back such luck!
Eventually we coaxed him into the forest where we took up a new residence. Well, he never return, so I'd like to think he found a new home!
In the end, his family got their revenge by destroying Sean's Canada Goose Down Parka!!!
Now this is an animal I'd NOT evict. I LOVE the Mule Deer!!

Now, I have to ask...If these were the reasons for traffic jams on YOUR way to work...wouldn't you be in a hurry to head out the door??
Cheers :)

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