Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Babies' first walk deleted!!

It must be late!! I've been typing away (again) with pictures all loaded up...all ready to save & POOF it's all gone!! & NOT "Gone to the Dogs", instead, "gone to cyber space"!! With no energy or time to repost it tonight :( this is what you get.....

....I thought that Wellington was going to knock the computer plugs out because he has found another mouse & is on the hunt...apparently it is hiding under my seat...making Blogging rather challenging! Having a relatively large dog bouncing around your legs banging into everything & knocking your stuff flying, isn't conducive to a successful & productive work space... wowza... There goes the floor lamp!! God love my dog :) I hope he catches that darn mouse!! The last one became raven food...trap and all...guess the raven thought the trap was an extra bonus & flew off with it attached to the mouse (Sean had tossed it out the front door with the intentions of retrieving the trap later!!) I wonder what THIS mouse will become in the end, Welly's hoer'dourves??

Tomorrow, Sean is taking us for babies first dogsled ride & then we're off to a friend's for a visit...a family day...that is his Valentine's Day gift to me :) SOOO I'll touch base on Friday & try to re-post those "Babies' first walk" pics again!! Heck I'll be able to post "Babies' first dogsled ride" at the same time...that is, if I've found favour with the cyber gods!!


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