Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ode to Wee Geordie - a sleddog

This is one of my all time favourite cards :) from one of my all time favourite teams, Shaaron & Wee Geordie :)

Do they come any cuter than this little fella?? Ah Wee Geordie, you're a sleddog in our hearts! And just think...Arctic Char is the treat of choice in these parts...interested??

By the way...I've an extra doghouse rather close to Starah ;)

Now THIS is lapdog size! Hay Sean, do you think Shaaron would notice if we snuck Wee Geordie out the door under my parka next visit??

I miss you too!
Remember, there is a humble ( & I DO mean humble) cabin waiting for you Shaaron!!
The fire is always warm,
the company entertaining and
adventures guaranteed !!
That's just how it is in the Yukon :)

Geordie meets his favourite Yukon Musher!!
Not even Wellington gets to give Sean kisses...this IS special!!
Heck, come to think of it...
Welly doesn't have a Yukon Quest tag like Wee Geordie either...hummm
I'll have to speak to the management about this!!

Oh Sean.....YOU have a lot of serious making up to do with Wellington!! There might be emotional scars involved otherwise!!
Better yet, we'll keep poor Welly from seeing these photos!!

PS: Being a Westie is VERY cool :)

OK...this obviously has NOTHING to do with Wee Geordie & Sean's get together could I NOT post this pic?
Adelaide is looking rather cozy in Aunt Maureen's bathroom sink!!
Nice job Sean!! I'm sure ALL Dad's deposite their children in sinks on occasion ;) hehehe's STILL -40 up here (& dropping rappidly) while you (in the South/East) are sitting at utterly balmy temperatures...I DO miss you all. Our visit was awesome, though in many ways, too short,
BUT...I'm "home" now :) and I wouldn't change THAT for anything in the world !!

And that -40 that YOU think is so horrid... I LOVE IT!!!

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