Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And they're off...
This is Sean & me saying good-bye to our girls!
I think they were laughing
at their silly parents...
Here they are for that one last pose
before buckling into their car seats...
As you can see...both were more interested
in getting on the road with
their travel companions,
then getting another picture taken by Mum!
Dear Aunt 'Reen & Helen for taking these two on...
I wonder if they will remember to
say their "Pleases" & "Thank-yous"
or the all important
"May I please be excused from the table?"!!
I wonder if they will remember to
hold their Aunt's hand & to stay close at ALL times
and to, "Listen to their body so they can go Potty
(the oh so important chant we recite through out each day)

And as they drive out of sight...
I wonder if they will remember that
nothing in the world is more precious
nor more important than
my two little girls...
that I couldn't exist without them
and that I love them?
There isn't, I couldn't, I do.
So...now that they are gone
I think I'll go to bed...
the time always goes by faster when you sleep right?
I wonder if I can sleep for three days & wake up
just in time for my girls to return home?
Or...maybe just maybe ,
in the morning,
I'll wake to find myself enjoying the time apart...
Not likely but one never knows

1 comment:

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Aww! Three days without your girls? You are going to miss them!! I have still not spent a night away from my kids. Not for want of having a night on my own, but lack of childcare!