Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Canning for the winter has begun &
the final harvest is here!
It is rather bitter sweet...
On one hand I love the canning,
on the other,
I hate to bid farewell to my fresh veggies!
Hopefully this colourful batch is
just the beginning of the canning fun!

Our first potatoes of the year...heck,
our first potatoes EVER !!
Zucchini madness!
13 inches long
11 inches around
Washed & ready...a colourful feast for the eyes,
not to mention the tummy!
(Carrots, compliments of Yolande's garden ;)
Our carrots are tinny little radish shaped things...
too cute for words ;)

.I was thinking that the zucchini & tomatoes looked
just as awesome, once cooked,
as they ever did raw!!
And those taters....WOW...

what a treat for the taste buds!!
A friend said,
"What a powerful feeling, to grow your own food"
She's right...
I felt a sense of pride when Sean & I
sat our children down to eat this meal.
And you know, they eat every scrap!!
I can't wait till next year's growing season!!!
Well, maybe I can as, the coming Winter
will hold it's own special magic...


Betty said...

Lovely to see your colourful preserved veggies on display. You will enjoy them during the winter I bet. The potatoes look very good. I'll have to see if I can get some old tyres :)

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Hi Betty! The tires were an ineresting concept that people told us about...funny thought...out of three high, we only ended up with potatoes in the bottom tire! The soil ws soaked in the upper two & bone dry in the bottom one. We ended up with enought for about 4 family meals out of the one set. It will be interesting to see how well the other two sets fair! We'll turn them over later in the weekend!

I'm so sad to see the growing season has been so much fun but then year will be even better! With anyluck, that man of mine will build me a BIGGER greenhouse ;)

Betty said...

I had heard of growing potatoes in old tyers, but don't know of anyone else who has done it. You might like this Not a great amount of info. They only suggested 2.
I had better get cracking and get the soil ready to start planting.
Went to a daffodil farm yesterday, so hope to do a post on it next week.