Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Adelaide & Sarah ,

A night on our own is over rated! My heart is lonesome without you & the house is too quiet with you gone...DON'T get and ideas about my "quiet" comment though ;) Was it ever strange hearing your excited little voices on the phone today...I couldn't tell who I was talking to! Daddy talks to you every day on the phone, from work, so he could tell you apart but... I'm the one always home with you both so, I'm not use to hearing your voices over a telephone! No matter, you BOTH sounded extremely happy and that went a long way to making me feel better!

Sounded like you were rather thrilled with your hamburgers & fries from last night's dinner and the ICE CREAM was a definite success given your resounding cheers over the telephone receiver ;) !! And when you said that you were enjoying the pretty Dandy flowers, only your Dad & I could possibly know that you were referring to the Dandelions, I could imagine your shining faces as you picked them, making a bright yellow bouquet. I wish I could have seen, first hand, your big eyes when you entered the hotel to see all of the beautiful old things, and again, when you saw the big ship in the harbour! I wonder, as you grown older, will you remember this trip?

Have a wonderful time, absorb all that you can & remember ...Mummy & Daddy will be waiting, with hugs & kisses, when you return home!!

Love you bunches...Bisous Bisous

Mummy XO XO

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