Saturday, October 30, 2010

September flew by
With visits from Aunt 'Reen, Helen
and then Uncle Ian!!
I took Helen, Aunt 'Reen & the girls north up the highway
We visited the Kluane area,
Soldier Summit
and Sheep Mountain

and we visited Alexander Fisher's Cabin
dating back to 1906
This came after the girls returned from
their trip to Haines AK
Where they enjoyed
their first time away from Mum & Dad!
The girls threw rock into the Pacific Ocean

and took a ferry over to Skagway!!!
(I haven't even done that yet!!)

and they enjoyed awesome weather
and a cool playground...
Both had a great time exploring life away from home
and away from Mum & Dad!! :)
Mum was having a not so great time
adjusting to empty arms...
then, just as I was adjusting to their absence...
they were back home
Next time we are separated,
I vow to make better use of my opportunities ;)

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