Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adelaide Reporting!!

All work & no play??
Well THAT isn't likely to be an issue
around here ;)

Nothing like starting the day with
a wake up call to Aunt 'Reen !!
And once the grown-ups consumed their
tea & coffee & the we (the little ones) had eaten our
yogart, cerial & blueberries...
the digging began!!
There isn't much in this life that is more fun
than digging in the dirt!
And there isn't much in this life that is more yummy
than the fruits of our labour!
All the while, Mummy was having fun with her burn pile!
She plugged away dragging the deadfall from
around the front of our property in an attempt to
pretty things up ...
Aunt 'Reen joined her in her efforts & before we knew it
we could see the forest through the trees!!
Aunt 'Reen is SUPER Woman!
not only did she dig up the potatoes with us and
help Mum with her brush clean-up,
She was Daddy's side-kick in the digging and pouring
of our new foundation!
There is NOTHING that my Aunt'Reen can't do!
She sure did earn THIS glass of apple juice!!
Notice anything different ?
Out of the blue we got tons of snow!
It started on Mum's birthday & dusted the ground.
The next day it just wouldn't stop falling!!
We were SO excited!!
Nothing like an early snow to
get those adults into play mode!!
Apparently the snow was too much excitement for my sister!
She fell sound asleep before we even got out the door
for our snow date with Aunt 'Reen
I wouldn't miss this for anything!!
You're the best Aunt 'Reen!!
Mum kept saying,
"Thank goodness Daddy got the concrete poured
before the snow came!"

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Definitely good timing on the concrete!