Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well.....I got the best e-mail recently :)
My childhood neighbour read my last post, the letter to Mr Sutherland,
ands she (Pam) decided to do something special with it!
What a wonderful woman she is!
Pam took it upon herself to find Mr Sutherland and,
proving to be a wise and crafty sleuth, she succeeded!
As it turns out, he never received my e-mail, well,
not up until a few weeks ago when Pam saw to it that he did!
With years gone by, to turn on my computer, open my email &
find a note from my this long lost teacher,
was something of a tremendous surprise!
It was equally amazing to read that he remembered me!!
It was heart warming to read that my letter caused him to smile.
I have Mr Sutherland's proper e-mail address now...
Turns out, I had the wrong one so, my letter to him
found itself floating aimlessly in cyberspace.
It's isn't floating anymore...
instead, it has found its way to it's intended destination,
even if a bit delayed, it made it...
with a bit of help (actually with a huge nudge)
from a dear friend...
Thanks Pam!!
And Mr Sutherland...
I'm flattered that you choose to remember me as an astute student :)
I am sure I was something of a pain in the tush
and far from thrilled with much related to school,
but YOUR class was different!
You allowed us to be ourselves & you believed in putting fun into learning!
I needed that!
I wonder how many teachers picked up
The Ammityville Horror
and read it to their class?
Crazy scary book...crazy fun memory!
somewhere along the line I grew up ;)
We all do...
Now, soon it will be MY turn to sit down at my dining room table,
as my parents did with me,
to drill my girls on the current week's
timetables & spelling words!
I sure hope my girls are more keen that I ever was!
Wish me luck on that one, would you ?


Betty said...

Wow! How good to read that he (Mr.Sutherland) finally received your e-mail. It was such a stirring tale. I found the poem on the net and read it all. I loved the beautiful pictures with your post as well.

star said...

glad he got your letter bet it was great for him to see he had impacked someone's life go going girl

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Hey Betty! Did youi like the poem?? He wrote many about the Yukon...I'll come up with a few of my favourites tiles for you...though born in Brittan (I believe) Canada has long claimed Robert Service as her own ;) & he turned many of us into day-dreamers

Carole said...

As I mentioned previously, it's thanks to you (and Mr. Sutherland) that one of my classes are memorizing The Cremation of Sam McGee WHILE they're hiking the Chilkoot Trail no less. It's also thanks to you and Mr. Sutherland that I'm memorizing it also, as I can't expect my students to do something that I won't/can't. I'm halway there!

Betty said...

Yes, Heather, I loved that poem. The rythm gets to you! It intrigued me and made me smile. I think I'd be like Sam if I had to spend a winter up there in the Yukon!