Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Floor!!!

So Here it is....
The Floor
The Prep work begins...
the hardwood awaits...
the Furniture is moved & the
girls world shrinks for the weekend!!
The skim of plywood is measured
and it covers the holes I've lived with
for almost 5 years!

Daddy's little helpers join in

Loic is busy
screwing the floor

The fun begins...
The biggest colouring page ever
is under our feet!

The Building Inspector is on hand
for quality inspection

It would appear that he approves
of the work so far!
In fact, Inspector Wellington is fully engrossed
in the project

Down to the more serious side of the job

and packing!!!

A well earned break

and the floor starts to appear...

What a yummy

Extra hands are always
a good thing for the
crew boss!

With hardwood THIS shinny,
the sweeping will never end!

No time like the present for
a major snuggle session

Ear's need protecting
on the job site

A tight knit crew
to see the job through

The crew boss is tired after a long weekend
and my job is far from over...
just LOOK at this mess!
but it is AL worth it!
Just look at the sheen
the floor actually matches my
Does it GET any better?


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That red is amazing!!!

Judy said...

What awesome pics!! Just love seeing what you guys are up to!! The girls look like excellent helpers!! Oh, and the floor looks great too!