Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December started off with a Flurry of furry!!

I invited Leonbergers from the Territory to our first ever Yukon Leonberger Gathering ! And what a fine success it was!!

Nine out of ten were able to attend!! It amazed me how these massive dogs, mostly all strangers to one another, could get along so brilliantly!! So often when we are out and about we get stopped by passers by, "Wow, what kind of dog is that?" Followed with, "a WHAT?" It was so awesome to see the different dogs at our gathering and also to meet their families, who know all about this magnificent breed :) Each of these dogs are equally stunning examples of what make Leos so outstanding!!!

It was also wonderful to see how consistent their dispositions are!! They really are gentle giants! It was also interesting to see how small Winnie (second from left) was beside the older dogs!!

To my good fortune, Kelly came along with her big boy Bruce (the largest of the group that day at 136 lbs) She spent the entire time hanging out with the girls, leaving me available to get my full Leo-Fix!! The fact that Kelly is also a ballerina had Sarah over the moon from the first day they met :) and Adelaide was rather excited to have Kelly there too...even if she isn't into mighty machines ;)

This is my Winnie getting a typical drink of water...

and in fine Leo style, she promised it share it with EVERYONE...over and over again!!

That day, she played her heart out keeping up with the big dogs!! In fact, she was determined to become best friends with all who attended!! This pup could have cared less if you were dog or human...in her books everyone was a potential playmate!!

While others were getting their photos taken, dear little Winnie found the water again!

She was SO happy to sit in her puddle & cool off! Needless to say, all that observed Winnie's antics were completely amused :)

At this moment I was grateful that I'd thought to bring a few towels because this girl was on deck for her photo op and she was soaked to the skin!! I'd wager she held half of the contents of the bucket in the fur on her snout & ears!! What a turkey!! Before we called it a day, we towelled down my girl before Sheila (owner of the Neighbourhood Pup where the party was held) & Val (Loyal Mummy to three Leos) showed me how to "stack" Winnie for conformation shots & the show ring! All she wanted to do was go back to the play-room (and her bucket, no doubt!)...she was worried that she might miss something...
Sortly after our photo shoot, we made our good-byes & promises to do it all over again sooner than later! Then it was off to truck. From that point Winnie slept the entire 4 hours it took us to run a few errands & drive home! Even when she made her way into the cabin, my puppy basically headed straight for her kenel & crashed all over again!

Hummm....note to self: Too tired to chew!!!!!

Yes, we MUST do this again soon!!


Betty said...

I love the group photo! Winnie is adorable....what a character! I can see why the girls find her such a great playmate.
Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Randy Davis said...

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