Thursday, April 3, 2008

Babies First Dog Sled Ride

Time is limited on the computer these days now that we are finally living at home in our cabin!! We DID take a day out of moving & renovating to play with the dogs & the babies!! This blog IS called "Gone to the Dogs" yet there has been very little about our gorgeous sled dogs! I'll have to do better...You know when Shaaron(my dear Ontario neighbour & friend) says that she knows Stacie's dogs but not one of mine...I'm challenged to correct this vast injustice!! Shaaron...once I'm on line at the cabin...I promise to introduce you to ALL of MY dogs!! Stacie may have lovely pups but MINE are over the moon perfect!!

In the meantime, here are just two shots of our day!!

This must be one of my all time favourite pics - The FitzGerald Family at home!! And...Adelaide's & Sara's FIRST DOG SLED RIDE!!

Here Duchess is in the forefront with Ivy in behind...this is Sarah & Adelaide's first time meeting their very own team of Alaska Huskies!! The dogs had just taken the girls for their inaugural sled ride so they were calm enough to get up close & personal with the girls!!'s still about babies but I DID manage to get two of the Dancing Paws into the post!! And It was "A Dog's Day" playing on the trails with the kids!!

*** Now that we are in the cabin & waiting for satellite hook up, I COULD be a while before my next post! :(:( But just think of the pics that I'll be able to hit you with once I'm back up & running on a regular basis!! :):):) And OHHHHH I've got an arsenal of gorgeous shots!!

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D&H Desmarais said...

That's one hell of of hat Heather... nice pics of the family.

Dave (and the other) Heather